Monday, January 20, 2014

Social Media:Safety First

Are you the type of person who always go online and constantly checks the updates from your social feed? or do you usually post a picture of you specially when you are in a place which you feel is great and awesome as a background? If you are both the person which answers the two questions straight up, well then there is no doubt that you are a social media addict. Addiction to social media includes constantly posting or checking your social media account, just to get gossips and the latest happenings in and around the Metro.
These addictions to social media may end up in getting in you in trouble or worse, giving you a death wish. It is very common for us specially if you are in a mall or in a new place such as bars,or restaurants nowadays, we make it a habit of checking in with our smart phone using our Foursquare account. Sometimes before we eat any of the food that we order on a fancy restaurant or in a bistro, we make it a habit to capture the arrangement of the food first and post it to Instagram,which is in my own opinion is crazy. Why the hell is important for you to post first the food that you are about to eat?or check-in on a place in which you visited today?A lot of criminals these days are on the internet looking for the right and willing victim in which they can lure on their trap.Those victims are the people that usually update their whereabouts in the social media network, especially on Facebook.So just a simple tip,if you usually go to that place or you are a type of person that comes out of the office late at night, just don't be a social media addict specially checking-in on the places that you usually go to,or the places that you usually visit like your office,because you don't know who you will be dealing with.Better to be safe than sorry. 

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