Wednesday, July 2, 2014

FHM Philippines and WeChat:Breaking the Technology Barriers

Last night, July 1st of 2014, WeChat one of the leading technology platform when it comes to social networking and interaction, and FHM Philippines has forged an alliance to give you the best information and collaboration about the number one magazine for men.

Held at Craft Pub and Grill in the fort, WeChat has introduced some of its unique features using their mobile application on your smartphone. They have showcased some of their newly added feature on their social platform such as Video Call, Walkie Talkie, Friend Radar and more!

By the way, maybe you are asking, what is WeChat? WeChat is a new and powerful mobile communication tool. It supports sending voice, video, photo and text messages. You can also do group chats, or you can find new friends nearby to talk to. WeChat works on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian and BlackBerry devices.

And what can WeChat do for you? With WeChat, you can chat with your friends instantly via voice messages, texts, or images. You can also create group chats to chat with several friends together.

In this event also FHM, the country's leading men's magazine has collaborated and told everyone that they are now expanding and utilizing the all the segments of technology including the mobile platform, that is why this is the perfect time for them to partner with a smart phone application, that can handle the market that they need.

Forging a new alliance, we expect more markets for FHM Philippines soon, as they embark a new road towards mobility marketing using WeChat as their forefront. 

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