Monday, July 7, 2014

Tatt Awards 2014:Expect the Unexpected

Here comes again the season in which you need to choose who among the best of the best is yet to uncover itself for the Tattoo Tatt Awards 2014.

A lot of nominations has been received and more will be coming until July 15,2014,in which only few will be chosen and be awarded as best among the rest.

Want to know what is Tattoo Tatt Awards?Tatt Awards - a groundbreaking avenue that recognizes individuals who share Tattoo’s fiery passion for greatness, founded on individuality and a sincere interest to lead by sharing with others. Be a part of this year’s roster of unexpected ones who defy expectations and achieve greatness!

Through the Tatt Awards, Tattoo shares your passion for celebrating individuals who lead by sharing with others. Thank you for shining the spotlight on unexpected greatness via

And Tekkie Pinas is one of the nominated contenders in this year's Tatt Awards, in which it has been nominated as the Best Tech Blog/Micro Blog in its category.

This is also the time for you to nominate Tekkie Pinas and vote for it starting July 16,to emerge as the Best Tech Blog/ Micro Blog in the Philippines.

If you want to nominate Tekkie Pinas,please kindly click this link:

With that said, we can be able to continue in providing you the best, and world renowned Tech News in just a click of your button.

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