Friday, June 24, 2016

Dell User Forum 2016: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Manila,Philippines -- The recently concluded Dell User Forum of 2016 that happened at Shangri-la Hotel in Bonifacio Global City has a lot of things that needs to be analyzed.

The Dell brand has reached its peak when it comes to selling different kinds of laptop and desktop to all sorts of businesses and consumers. The recently concluded event proves that Dell is such an enormous brand to beat when it comes to technology innovation and business support.

Great sponsorship coming from different distributors filled the whole event area going to the auditorium where the conference is being held. Microsoft, Targus, VMWare  are just some of the big names that participated on this very memorable event for technology enthusiasts and aficionados.

A lot of thing was discussed during the plenary sessions, to the break-out and up to the main session. Things like mobility, big data and IoTs were emphasized and were broken down to small pieces, to make sure that these innovation and tech changes be an adaptable way of life in the future.

The conference was scheduled for 2 days, just to make sure that Dell and its partners are able to cover the things that they need to emphasize. The ticket for the conference is priced at $599, and it is unfortunate that there are people who managed to enter the event without paying the fee, and are just there just to get the prizes being given away by generous sponsors and partners of the event. The whole event area was jam-packed by people who represented a company or a group that they not relatively involved in, or an organization that is not related to technology. My overall experience with this event was very frustrating due to the fact that foreign visitors paid for the whole 2 conference, yet the experience was lacking for them due to over-crowding and the people who attended were people that are not meant to be there.

I was not able to complete the whole 2 day session due to the fact that, if there were unrelated people inside the venue on the first day,which is quite noticeable due to their attire, so how much more on the second day? The Dell management should be vigilant on this, since their forum must only be dedicated to those who are really related for the event or must be open only for those who are invited.

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