Thursday, June 23, 2016

Johnson Health Tech: Now Breaking New Grounds In The Philippines

Manila,Philippines -- Growing up in an impoverished post-war Taiwan, Johnson Health Techfounder, Peter Lo knew that following one’s dreams would require hard work, ambition, and a true entrepreneurial spirit that, 40 years later, has become the core of our business.

It was 1975.  With the idea that building his own business would be the key to long-term success, a determined Lo hand wrote about 2,000 letters to American companies to offer support and services for their manufacturing needs.  He received only 2responses.  One, an exercise equipment called IVANKO, asked if Lo could manufacture barbells. With his first order of $400 for 200 barbell pieces.  Lo created Johnson Metal.  While learning the skills and knowledge necessary for barbell manufacturing.  Lo began to understand the individual and societal benefits of fitness equipment and wanted to foster his commitment to health and well being around the world.

By the 1980’s, Lo’s barbell business has expanded to the cardio fitness space.  Johnson Health Tech became the original equipment manufacturer for numerous industry leaders including Trek, Schwinn, Omron, True and Universal among others.  In 1996,  Johnson Health Tech’s first brand efforts was spun off by theTrek Fitness management team – Vision Fitness- with the idea that the specialty fitness channel, still a small market at that time, would see immense growth in the future.  While higher-end cardio products were too expensive and mass products were too low-quality for most fitness enthusiasts at the time,  Johnson Health Tech was to find the “sweet spot” by offering exceptional quality at a more affordable price.

With a knack for spotting major trends in the fitness and manufacturing world to meet today’s consumer needs,  Johnson Health Tech’s business more than doubled within just three years.  In 1998, Johnson Health Tech introduced Horizon Fitness to bring higher quality and durability to the typically lower-end sporting goods/mas-market channel.  Three years later, Johnson Health Tech launched Matrix Fitness line of products to the commercial fitness channel.

Throughout its gradual but massive growth,  Johnson Health Tech has also established itself as a true pioneer of product innovation, from the Matrix hybrid bike to the first folding elliptical, to perfecting the eddy current magnetic brake system.  Many of the technologies invented for the Johnson Health Tech machines have now become industry standards.  From the beginning, an investment in key technologies to increase quality and add value has been a key priority of Johnson Health Tech.
Currently Johnson Health Tech is the largest fitness manufacturer in Asia and the third-largest manufacturer in the world.  With a product portfolio covering all fitness channels and markets, including Matrix, Vision and Horizon. Johnson’s global network consists of manufacturing facilities in Shanghai and Taiwan, with Research & Development centers in North America, Shanghai and Taiwan.  We are among the industry’s fastest-growing manufacturers, and with 24 wholly-owned subsidiaries, a service network of 60 countries, and 315 retail stores, allowing us better reach and to efficiently serve the needs of our customers around the globe.

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