Friday, July 21, 2017

Transportify: Track And Trace Delivery Service

Ever experienced worrying how your package is doing after you sent it on its way? Regular courier service customers most probably do, since typical delivery services only inform customers about their package once it reached its destination, in the form of SMS text messages. Thus, customers have no way of knowing the location of their package on real time.

Welcome to the revolution
Apparently, some logistics providers consider this package arrival announcement in SMS text messaging as a form of tracking method. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines “track” as “an awareness of fact, progression, [or] condition.” Meaning, keeping track of packages not only refer to knowing if it has arrived its destination—rather, it is knowing exactly where the package or packages currently are and where they are going.

This is where Transportify’s courier delivery app makes a difference. When they say track your package, you can really track and trace the delivery route of the Transportify vehicle your precious cargo is in.  Transportify uses Global Positioning System (largely known as GPS), Google Maps, and the Internet so clients could monitor their item. What’s more, this could be easily done with both the delivery mobile app and website app. Transportify has utilized technology evolution for its customers’ advantage and convenience.

As easy as ABC
Remember how a package sender is required to keep a copy of his package’s tracking number? Remember how, if the sender wants to know the whereabouts of his package, he has to call the logistics provider’s office and tell them the tracking number? Remember how the sender has to wait on hold for minutes as the customer service representative on the other line search their database to get information regarding the package’s progress?

With Transportify’s track and trace delivery feature, customers do not need to go through all that process. Track your package the moment it was sent on its way without needing to write down a tracking number. All you have to do is make sure you have the Transportify delivery app and an Internet connection. Not only that, the tracking feature also allows the sender to see the package’s estimated time of arrival. The only time you will need to call the customer service hotline is when you need more assistance. What’s more, you can even call the driver himself during the delivery if you have any concerns!

All for one, one for all
The Transportify tracking feature is not only made for personal package delivery—it’s also a great way for small to medium-sized enterprises to monitor their business wherever they are. Aside from allowing the sender to know the package’s location in real time, the Transportify mobile delivery app has an added feature of digital signature, where the sender can see the receiver’s signature confirming the package’s arrival. It also helps businesses improve and build branding by ensuring their own clients the fulfilment of delivery promises.

When it comes to logistics services, Transportify is always after the customers’ convenience. Allowing senders to track and trace their delivery in real time and revolutionizing delivery tracking is one of the many examples that show how much Transportify wants the best for its users.

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