Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Transportify Customer Know-How List

At Transportify, we always want the best for our valued customers so we have always been transparent when it comes to our pricing and service options. In addition, we want our clients to be knowledgeable about working with us for our and their convenience.
Here’s a list of customer know-hows to help make future transactions easier, safer, and faster!
Picking the right vehicle

We price our services based on the size and type of vehicle. For the sake of a convenient transaction process, we recommend our clients to rent a car that is appropriate for their packages. This will not only save you money, but also time in trying to find out how the package will fit in the vehicle. Remember that the Sedan model is sufficient for small and single items like flower delivery or 3 XL balikbayan boxes. While a medium-sized furniture like a couch or equivalent to 19 XL balikbayan boxes can only fit inside an L300 van or larger. However, heavier or larger appliances which equates to 31 XL balikbayan boxes call for a moving truck for rent.

Driver Uniform
Our delivery driver partners are required to wear a specific set of Transportify uniform not for superficial or fashion purposes, but for our drivers to look presentable. Also, having a uniform makes it easy for our clients to distinguish legit Transportify drivers.
It is important that our customers know that Transportify drivers are required to wear at all times a Transportify collared shirt or any plain collared shirt, a Transportify cap, and his/her official Transportify ID with picture. Our drivers are also instructed to wear pants and closed shoes.

No hidden charges
As much as possible, we keep our clients aware of all the possible charges. We do not order our driver partners, shadow fleet members, or any employee to conduct solicitations in behalf of our company. Remember that the only amount you have to pay is the amount written on the transaction bill provided by the Transportify app.

Waiting time
We advise our clients to have their packages ready for pick up before the Transportify vehicle arrived, and to avoid coming late at the meet-up place. As we are an on demand app, we value our driver’s time as much as we value our clients’ time. Waiting too long for one client will affect our service with other clients.

Extra helper
We give our clients the option of asking for a helper to accompany and help the delivery with the packages. However, keep in mind that the extra helper service feature has additional charges that vary depending on your choice of vehicle.

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Lack of security
Most pick up and deliver courier services offer insurance options in case something happened to the packages. However, Transportify only offers an insurance option to customers under the business program. The maximum damage warranty that Transportify offers is a very reasonable amount, and is the same amount as the maximum stolen and missing warranty that it covers.

Full-day booking
Want our services for a whole day? Clients can book a Transportify vehicle and driver partner for 10 straight hours. We advise our clients who would like to avail this service to please efficiently utilize the given 10 hours. As such, an overtime fee will apply to those services that will exceed the given time.

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