Sunday, September 24, 2017

SJCAM SJ360 + Plus - Camera 720 degrees

SJCAM SJ360 + Plus Who visited the event ELETROLAR SHOW 2017, had a little more information on the new release of SJCAM, SJCAM SJ360 + Plus in our SJCAM BRASIL Stand. 
Original SJCAM SJ360+ HD 1080P 30fps VR Panoramic Camera with Dual lens

Original SJCAM SJ360+ HD 1080P VR Panoramic Camera is designed to give the widest possible unobstructed 360-degree panoramic field of view, which in my thought, it is quite different from the Xiaomi Mi 360° Panoramic Camera. However, SJ360+ is claimed to work the same way our eyes see the world and also supports uploading 360-degree panoramic video to Facebook and Youtube, or other social media. It is absolutely awesome, isn’t it?
The SJCAM SJ360+ HD 1080P VR Panoramic Camera packed with high-definition optical-glass fisheye lens produces clean, crisp images for a natural visual-surround environment recording. It comes with Dual Ultra-Wide-Angle Lenses to support larger captures that work to create a breathtaking view of all directions.
It is compatible with the SJCAM A7S chipset offers a perfect smooth recording with real-time preview.  Allow you to connect with SJCAM Pano Smartphone app-one-key for sharing to let the world see your dazzling experiences on many networks like Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Wechat, QQ, Sina, Baidu and etc.

The new Sj360 + (Plus) comes equipped with 2 lenses, capturing every environment without visual loss or splicing.

1080p Full HD 30fps
SJCAM A7s Chipset
LCD 0.96 "
VR connection
Battery 1700 mah


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