Saturday, January 27, 2018

Digital data authority compiles the most talked about stories in 2017

Manila – Now that we can easily identify what ticks the Filipinos interest through a study of the social media world, the internet landscape suddenly became the most important and most powerful tool that can spell the pulse of the market.

To highlight what the online platform can do to help businesses and all other sectors and industries, digital data authority Research and Tech Lab (RTL) sums up the five most trending topics that have caught the attention of millions of Filipinos this 2017.

With exactly 27, 273, 741 mentions all around the different social media platforms, MMFF2017 was the hottest topic ever discussed in Filipino social media pages. Nearly every netizen turned into movie critics and blockbuster gurus during the recent leg of the Metro Manila film festival. Undoubtedly, Filipinos’ number one mode of entertainment is movie time as more than 27 million people made sure that their insights will be heard and through their own little way influence how the movie industry will go moving forward.  

Who doesn’t love weddings? This is especially true with celebrity unions and all the fancy trimmings that come with it. For 2017, the most talked about nuptial were by Anne Curtis and husband Erwan Heussaff. #TheWanForAnne gathered 11, 930, 270 social media posts. Almost 12 million netizens took part in the celebration by sharing their well wishes and the most memorable parts of the union. These numbers made the Heussaff-Curtis wedding the second most talked about event in the history of 2017.

Next most trending topic for 2017 was none other than the prestigious Miss Universe competition. 11,818,084 netizens showed their support to the pageant and the Filipino candidate through social media. This only goes to show that the country can work for a sole cause especially in assisting the Philippine candidate clinch the coveted title.

The transformation of Xander Ford on the other hand, landed him as the fourth hottest topic last 2017. His bold decisions to introduce what he says as a better version of himself triggered the social media nation to give their support or their negative reaction. He generated a total of 10,598,130 posts. You can just imagine the vast impact of his transformation that more than 10 million people have to join the bandwagon and react on his actions.

Lastly, Coldplay Manila is on the fifth spot with 1,221,430 social media mentions. More than a million Filipino fans were busy flooding their pages with what we can consider the most popular concert in 2017.

From the five most trending issues of 2017, it can be concurred that culture and family values are still part of the activities that interest Filipinos. Spending quality time watching movies, seeing stories of happily ever after and showing of Filipino pride are just some of the everyday realities that uplift and entertains every Filipino.

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