Saturday, August 4, 2018

Level-Up your Karaoke session with the Ultimate Party Machine

Karaoke, without a doubt, is an essential part of the Filipino culture of celebrations. Whether it be at your own home, garage, or even out in the streets, it is part of the Filipino culture and personality to be musically inclined. We treasure our time with families and friends, and one of the best ways to spend quality time with them is by singing our hearts out during Karaoke sessions.

Experience Sony’s Ultimate Party Machine by joining the Sony Party-oke Challenge, open to all ages young and old alike! To join, simply visit the Party-oke booth, register, pick a song of your liking, and show them what you’ve got. Exciting prizes are in-store for everyone. Aside from bragging rights, the overall champion will take home Php 5,000 worth of cash prize and your very own Karaoke Set (43” TV, MHC-V41D & a Sony Microphone)! So gather up your friends, your fambam, and your neighbors and show them what you’ve got. Now is the time to release your inhibitions and sing your hearts out by joining Sony’s Party-oke Challenge!

Get your calendars ready and catch the Party-oke series at these dates and venues:

The Sony V series
With the Sony V series, you can now level up your Karaoke session. It comes complete with flashy 360 degrees party lights, LIVE SOUND feature for high-quality music output, and two mic inputs. Definitely a sure hit bonding moment for you and your friends to hit your favorite duet songs – more so, you can connect your guitar with three modes: clean for a clear sound, overdrive for a distorted guitar sound, and bass for your bass guitar to showcase a complete performance.

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