Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Get ready for an action-packed weekend with the Sony BRAVIA 4K TVs

What is a weekend without a bit of action and adventure? The only thing better than a jam-packed weekend full of exciting plans is one without any plan at all. With incredible advances to home technology, binge-watching or trying out that new game console is now smarter and more efficient than ever. Adventure is right at the tip of your fingers as the Sony BRAVIA 4K TVs take you to a TV viewing experience in a whole new way. Just imagine its top-of-the-line picture quality, sleek design, its powerful sound technology, and advanced Android TV function. You just can’t help but be ready, get set, and binge. 

Watching movies and series are one of the biggest entertainment sources for anyone looking for amusement. Get inside the realms of your favorite movie or series as the future of picture quality with the ultimate brilliance of 4K clarity brings you into its world and transcends reality. With a well-built sound system that plunges you right into the action, your binge-watching tendencies will never be the same again, as the BRAVIA TVs elevate your cinematic experience. With you on the best seat in the house, you can dedicate a blissful time of your weekend to simply sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

The Game Plan
Let’s be honest, when it comes to gaming, it is a vicious cycle of play-sleep-play-repeat. Upgrade your game night with friends as you battle out the throne for the next weekend gaming warrior. The BRAVIA 4K TV experience makes a world of difference for your full gaming potential. The range of BRAVIA TVs provide the essential elements of an ideal TV for gaming that is also future-proof and allows you to maximize its use. Try on the game mode that would better accommodate picture processing to keep up with the rapid demands of your video games.

Keep the Sportsmanship Alive
Watch your favorite sports games in style with the BRAVIA 4K TVs, as it uncovers every detail of a swing, a dunk, or a kick in clarity with the features of an HDR TV. It is an all-around winner with the flawless picture quality thanks to pro-level calibration and a crowd-pleasing audio output that would make it seem like you are at your favorite arena. Go beyond the action and immerse yourself with a whole new experience by optimizing your picture setting that is best for sports.
Choose your own adventure and maximize your weekends at the comfort of your own home with the Sony BRAVIA 4K TVs.

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