Monday, May 27, 2019

Enabling Businesses and Serving Customers Through LBC Paycollect

The Philippines is a cash-based society. Majority of The Philippine population does not own credit or debit cards, and many Filipinos are still unbanked. Most Filipinos even prefer to use cash to settle financial obligations and pay for purchases. A business that can provide customers more cash payment options and make paying in cash easier for buyers, will most certainly enjoy the patronage of more Filipinos than a business which offers limited and tedious cash payment programs.
LBC offers businesses the opportunity to make paying more convenient for clients and collecting remittances a lot easier through LBC Paycollect. LBC Paycollect allows enterprises and corporations to use all of LBC’s more than 1400 branches nationwide as payment centers for buyers. Apart from gaining access to LBC’s wide network, LBC provides businesses with a full consolidated report of all the payments collected and LBC will remit these payments in a manner and lead time most acceptable to them.
Partner with LBC and join a growing roster of satisfied and successful LBC Paycollect clients like Unionbank, Metrobank, and their corporate account holders. New Paycollect partners who have signed up are Mary Kay, Kimstore, Rykom, Rain, and ELN.  After enrolling with Paycollect, a merchant needs to simply follow the five-step Paycollect process: First, LBC creates a seller ID/Account number for the business. Second, customers are advised of the business’ account name with LBC. 
Third, customers pay at any LBC branch via LBC Paycollect. Fourth, the business is notified by LBC about the crediting of collections. And Lastly, merchants receive money from LBC.
To learn more about LBC Paycollect and other LBC services that you may require, visit LBC’s website at Expand and grow your business by partnering with LBC today.

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