Thursday, July 25, 2019

5 Ingenious Tricks That Can Make Your OPPO Reno Stand Out More

To complement the immersive panoramic screen experience, the latest ColorOS 6 operations system pre-installed in the Reno Series is the redesigned borderless theme with refreshed details from inside and out, achieving more enjoyable and intelligent system experience than ever. Featuring a whole new interface, from homepage layout to app icons, font sizes to background colors - these upgrades come with the brand new Reno series experience. On top of the powerful processor that the OPPO Reno 10x Zoom is equipped with Snapdragon 855 chipset, and the Reno has Snapdragon 710 which guarantees a smoother user interface; there are also various hidden features that ColorOS 6 carries that allow users to creatively set up their unique shortcuts or customize commands, delightfully enhancing and advancing users’ everyday life.
Here are the 5 ingenious tricks you can do to make your OPPO Reno and Reno 10x Zoom stand out even more:
Gesture Navigation: Convenience Aid
In OPPO Reno series, the users can set up particular gestures while their phone is locked to enable certain applications. To activate this: first, go to settings; second, scroll down to find the Convenience Aid option; then third, at the bottom, select the Gesture & Motion menu; and next, choose Screen-Off Gestures at the top of the selection; and last, activate Screen-off Gestures, then select gestures you would like to turn on with designated gesture symbols: V to turn on flashlight, O to enable Camera, double-tap to turn the screen on, and other more options on Screen-off Gestures.
Phonetography Trick 1: Full Camera Screen
Appreciate a wider and fuller view of your subject by simply activating the Full Camera Screen setting. To do it: first, enable camera and select photo on the camera selection panel above the camera trigger button; then second, on the upper right of the screen, click the setting icon and choose Photo Ratio; and then third, select the Full Screen option, then go back to the camera screen to see the changes.
Phonetography Trick 2: Shot Trigger
Taking a “groufie” is no longer a problem, striking a pose with your friends is easier through the hand gesture sensor that triggers your camera to take a shot. To activate the photography gesture: first, activate your camera; then second, flip the camera icon on the lower right to use the front camera; and last, on the upper right corner, select the setting icon and switch on Gesture to Take Photo. To try, take a photo using the front camera, then abruptly raise your palm open to trigger the shot.
Multitasking Tool 1: Split-Screen Function
For users who are into multitasking, Split-Screen is created specifically for people who juggle everything at once. To use this function: first, go to settings and select App Split-screen at the bottom part of the options; second, switch on App Split-screen and it will automatically activate the three-finger swipe up gesture. To try, prompt an application then swipe up to split the screen. To go back to the normal screen, swipe up again.
Smart Assistant
Multitasking Tool 2: Smart Assistant
Smart Assistant combines select information that is vital for the specific user. It creates quick access to Weather, Steps Tracker, Calendar, Quick Functions, and Favorite Contacts. To activate: first, go to settings and select Smart Services; then next, switch on Smart Assistant. To fully activate, proceed to home, then swipe to the right to see the Smart Assistant dashboard. You may customize the content according to your needs.
These hidden features of the ColorOS 6 will help Reno series users boost their creativity as it offers more convenient ways to support one’s daily endeavors on content creation, multitasking, communications, and more. Plus, the revolutionary smartphone innovations of the Reno 10x Zoom features such as 10x Hybrid Zoom, Hyper Boost 2.0, 256GB internal storage, and the Dolby Atmos surround sound technology completes the experience of convenience and full entertainment at your fingertips.

The Reno and Reno 10x Zoom are now available in select OPPO concept stores nationwide and exclusively on Lazada. The Reno comes in three colorways Jet Black, Ocean Green, and the limited edition Sunset Rose retails at PHP26,990, while the Reno 10x Zoom in Jet Black and Ocean Green retails at PHP45,990.
Want to know more about the ColorOS 6 features and the Reno series? Visit us at or on OPPO Philippines official Facebook page.

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