Friday, November 15, 2019

Sony releases RX10 IV firmware update adding Real-Time Animal Eye AF functionality

Sony has released a firmware update for the RX10 IV allowing the camera to benefit from Sony’s unique Real-Time Eye AF for animals[i] and also enhances in-camera stabilization.

The V2.0 update enables Sony’s AI-driven Real-Time Eye AF technology to now detect both animals and human subjects[ii]. This function can be used by half-pressing the shutter trigger, allowing users to get perfectly focused images.

In addition to the new functionality, the update improves the overall stability of the camera making it more user-friendly.

The V2.0 firmware upgrade is downloadable for free on the Sony Support site[iii].

[i] For stills only. Real-Time Eye AF feature comparable a7R III/a7 R III Version 3.0
[ii] It is not possible to detect simultaneously human and animal eyes. Eye detection may not be possible depending on the environment, animal type or the movement of the animal.
[iii] Ver 2.0 download for Windows. Ver.2.00 download for Mac.

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