Thursday, January 30, 2020

Insurance Market is launching HelperMatch, a comprehensive (free!) online service to perfectly match domestic workers and their employers.

Recently Singapore was confronted with the fact that 50% of domestic workers do not make it through the first year with their employer. At the root of that issue is often a mismatch in expectations.  To have a good, effective, happy and reliable helper is of immense value to many Singapore families. They are an important pillar of our Singapore society. Yet, this tragic recent statistic of the Ministry of Manpower shows that something is amiss. 

Insurance Market has been specializing in data analysis and matching technology. For 4 years Singaporeans can already compare and buy insurances of up to 20 companies side-by-side on the Insurance Market website and select the one that best meets their needs. That same type of technology can also match employers and domestic workers. Besides getting a better match, the site also enables some employers and their helpers to save money by making it possible for employers to do a direct-hire and to bypass using an employment agent. 

For a transfer maid, the process has 6 steps. For a direct-hire, it is 12. All the steps are neatly set out in the application. It all starts with matching profiles, based on the preferences that employers and workers provide. Next, there can be an exchange of messages, followed by agreement terms, signing of a contract and storage of required documents.  An indicator always shows how far the process has progressed. It is entirely free and there is no obligation to buy insurance from Insurance Market (although they, of course, don’t mind). 

Insurance Market has many Maid Insurance customers and this application will support their clients and their helpers and allows the Insurance market to make a contribution to a better and happier society. Not only because of the better match but also because the application will address some of the grey areas and lessen the power asymmetry between employers, agents, and helpers. Insurance Market’s core value is to protect happiness through love and care. 

The application will be available as a mobile web (and desktop) application hosted on the insurance website, where prospective employers and maids can register and be perfectly matched based on their preferences (analog to job search, dating, etc.). The application will feature the possibility for detailed search by preferences, fully informed decisions (based on mutual disclosures), document management and template agreements. The data of members is PDPA compliant and fully secure and governed and shared by the data owner only. 

Key Helpermatch Features 

• Totally Free - No need for maid agencies, no costs 
• Full step by step selection and hiring process  
• Detailed search by preferences 
• Use our detailed template contracts agreements  
• Document Management and (optional) verification services 

About Insurance Market Insurance Market is an online insurance broker that makes processes clear and simple by using automation and transparency. Both the insurance and the foreign worker industries from time to time feature asymmetric access to information and asymmetric power balances amongst its stakeholders. We care for people and therefore aim to use our technical skills to address these imbalances to create a fairer environment, to bring happiness and to prevent coercive behavior. 

How does Helpermatch work? We will help you find a suitable employer or worker for free. The process consists of around 10 steps and starts with matching profiles, based on the information that employers and workers provide. Next, it supports the exchanges of messages, the processes of agreeing on terms and the exchange and storage of required documents. At the top of the page, you always see the breadcrumbs-indicator that indicates how far the process has progressed. The process is entirely for free and there is no obligation to buy insurance from us, but we, of course, don’t mind. 

Only 50% of maids make it through the first year with their employer.  That number indicates that current matching and selection processes are performing suboptimally. It further evidences a mismatch in expectations. Helpers also drop out because small problems can become big when they do not have anyone to talk with. The matching process clearly needs to be enhanced and extended. Improved exchange of expectations (on both sides), and proper documentation and monitoring and mediation can contribute to a lower drop-out rate and prevent a lot of heartaches. 

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