Sunday, April 5, 2020

Globe calls for heightened vigilance of businesses amid cybersecurity threats during COVID-19 crisis

As most businesses adopt work from home arrangements in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, most employees are now settling into a routine of working remotely while staying productive, connected and #SafeAtHome.

Working from home entails employees using their own devices outside office premises which in turn, can lead to unauthorized access to confidential company data and business operating systems. To mitigate these data security risks, Globe Business recommends requiring multi-factor authentication, device encryption, employee training on the best cybersecurity practices, and ensuring that cybersecurity compliance remains up-to-date.
Aside from common efforts such as installing computer firewalls or ensuring that devices have anti-virus programs, Globe Business strongly suggests both employees and employers remain vigilant and continuously practice cybersecurity measures to keep threats at bay. This is because global data prove that human error remains the biggest factor in opening the floodgates to cyberattacks. 

"Cyber threats, when left unchecked, can lead to serious consequences that are more difficult to address at a time in which there is limited access to IT support,” said Peter Maquera, Senior Vice President for Globe Business. “Cybersecurity attacks can come in many forms, most often appealing to the emotions and lack of digital knowledge of employees, which is why we aim to raise awareness on and enable our clients and partners with the most advanced solutions and measures to combat potential threats and attacks.” 

To provide these necessarily added layers to cybersecurity, Globe Business is giving customers a free subscription to Check Point SandBlast Agent and/or Check Point SandBlast Mobile for 30 days. Check Point SandBlast Mobile guards corporate data on employee mobile devices against malicious applications, OS exploits, and network-based threats. Check Point SandBlast Agent, on the other hand, prevents and automatically remediates evasive cyberattacks on endpoint devices, protects user credentials, and provides actionable insights concerning malicious cyber activities.

Amid the increasing need for working from home, businesses can scale protection to all employees regardless of location. With the participation of employees paired with the right cybersecurity solutions, companies can safely keep their operations running through digital means and focus on initiatives to help their communities rise from any situation. 

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