Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Epson launches EB-U50 and EB-W50 business projectors for quality digital signages keeping customers engaged and informed

PHILIPPINES, August 2020 Epson, the number one projector brand worldwide for 19 consecutive years, launches the EB-U50 and EB-W50 - two new projectors that offer innovative and cost-effective digital signage solutions to showcase vibrant displays, which may also be used for the dissemination of vital health and safety information during the pandemic.

The new models can automatically adjust their brightness and drive voltage depending on the environment, which helps preserve the projectors’ lamp life up to 17,000 hours. The EB-U50 and EB-W50 are also built with enhanced durability and resistance with the help of a new electrostatic air filter, which effectively traps dust and chalk particles before they can enter the projector, resulting to a longer-lasting optical compartment.

Ideal for keeping customers in the retail and essential businesses engaged and informed, the new models are equipped with customizable color and shape filters, which make it easier to improve or update visuals without the additional cost. Compared to GOBO or Goes Before Optics projectors, the EB-U50 and EB-W50 business projectors enable companies to shift from a one-size-fits-all approach to messaging that can be easily personalized to specific audience needs.

To enhance the overall viewing experience, the EB-U50, and EB-W50 offer a new optional mount with a ball joint design, allowing for a variety of flexible installation options. The projectors can be mounted directly onto the ceiling, or conveniently on a tabletop. For ceiling projection, the EB-U50, and EB-W50 enables customers to project from any angle through 360° horizontally, and 30° vertically.

If you want to highlight specific products in-store, these projectors can also be used as a spotlight by combining the projector’s overlay effect on a white wall. With a wide range of colors, shapes, and temperatures to choose from, the EB-U50 and EB-W50 can easily adapt to various display themes and requirements.

For added convenience, when multiple EB-U50/W50 projectors are being set up, users can control the projectors as one using the remote ID function. This enables businesses to control up to 16 projectors and to save time by eliminating the need to reset IDs each time the projectors are turned off. Users can also enjoy a wide range of controls, including scheduling and editing playlists, and converting movie formats through the Epson Content Manager software.

Model no.


Throw Ratio

Colour/White Brightness

Optional Accessories



(1920 x 1200)

1.38 – 1.68

(Wide to Tele)


Air Filter: ELPAF59

Spare Lamp: ELPLP97

Ceiling Mount: ELPLMB23

Ceiling Mount: ELPMB60



(1280 x 800)

1.30 – 1.56

(Wide to Tele)


Air Filter: ELPAF59

Wireless LAN Card: ELPAP10

Spare Lamp: ELPLP97

Ceiling Mount: ELPLMB23

Ceiling Mount: ELPMB60

The function of digital signage is anticipated to expand well beyond its pre-COVID role as businesses adjust to sustain activity while keeping with health and safety standards. In this new normal, the EB-U50 and EB-W50 business projectors for digital signage offer an easy-to-use and cost-effective audiovisual solution to keep employees and consumers engaged and informed.

The EB-U50 is priced at Php62,790 SRP and the EB-W50 is priced at Php58,290 SRP. Both models are available at Epson’s authorized dealer stores nationwide.

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