Saturday, August 1, 2020

Sony’s most awaited digital camera ZV-1 is now available in the Philippines

Sony announced today that  its most awaited digital camera ZV-1 is now available in the country. Are you the type of person who loves immortalizing memories by shooting random videos? Be it doing a mukbang challenge, recording moments with your family, or any situation in your life that you want to put in your digital album. The long wait is over! This compact digital camera is here to step up your casual filming game and is designed for easier hassle-free shooting.

Here are 5 reasons why you should get Sony’s ZV-1:

Mobile-friendly Shooting

Easily transfer and edit images shot from the camera to your mobile phone through the free Imaging Edge Mobile App for IOS and Android and upload the ZV-1 shot instantly to your social media platforms. Editing videos can also be made possible by using the Movie Edit add-on for enhanced stabilization, especially for shaky shots and/or reframe and crop video to suit social media aspect ratios. You can also upload content custom-made for smartphone screens with its automatic tagging of vertically oriented videos.

Blur-free Recording

One of the most frustrating things sometimes when filming a moving subject is how blurry it gets when there is too much movement and the subject – would go out of focus. Worry no more because  Sony’s ZV-1 is going to work its wonders with its accurate Eye Auto-Focus, wherein it detects the subject’s eyes to establish focus, and holds it as the camera and subject move as you shoot.

Superb Low-light Capability

Shoot quality outputs even in areas with lowlight. Whether you’re in a dim-lit restaurant or taking a walk in the park at night, details are seen with lesser noise on the image or video. Perfect for evening or late-night escapades.

One-push Beautiful Bokeh

Ever wanted that background blur effect? With the ZV-1, there’s no need for complex manual adjustments as you can achieve that in just one press of a button to make your content more professional-looking.

Clear Voice Recording

This compact and lightweight camera is designed for an even better audio especially in a crowded place. You can capture clear audio due to the camera’s unique directional three-capsule mic that gathers clear sound from in front of the camera making it ideal for your everyday video shooting. You can also use the wind screen especially when you’re shooting outdoors - without jeopardizing the quality of the audio. In addition to that, the digital camera has a mic jack and MI shoe so you can choose any microphone for a more enhanced audio quality.

Ready, click and enjoy everyday moments with the Sony’s all new ZV-1.

The Sony digital camera ZV-1 retails at Php 42,999. You can also avail it with the shooting grip and SD card for only Php 45,999.

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