Saturday, October 17, 2020

OWTO: Your transportation partner this pandemic

If you are having issues with regards to the hassle if your daily commute going to work or leisure during this pandemic, worry no more! OWTO, a new transportation app that is developed specifically for traveling Filipinos that are having some difficulty getting a ride, especially during these times. 

Want to get started? Download their app now here:

Also, OWTO Philippines is appealing to restore their FB Page:, which is a platform wherein drivers/partners sent in their concerns and inquiries wishing for a swift response that will help sustain their livelihood in this time of Pandemic. It is also a venue wherein they give jobs through announcements, and that is also widely used for customer service to the riders since it was recently got blocked. 

Let us all get together and help them send an appeal to get this restored the soonest.

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