Monday, November 23, 2020

Globe launches financial care program for postpaid customers

Telecommunications has never been as important as it is today as learning, work, and entertainment mostly shift to online platforms. Understanding the importance of connectivity especially under the new normal, Globe is offering its customers a financial care program that enables them to remain connected despite the challenges brought to their livelihood by the pandemic.

The program offers are built according to the needs of the customers, thus, there are customized options that allow Globe Consumer Postpaid, Platinum, and Broadband subscribers to maintain their account depending on their financial situation. They may be given options to lower their plan, disconnect their account temporarily, or transfer the ownership, among others.


“Filipinos are facing multiple difficulties and are struggling to hold on to what they have at the moment.  We understand that many of them worry about their finances, and we hope to extend our help while at the same time, keep them connected so they can continue to do the things that matter to them,” said Rebecca Eclipse, Globe Chief Customer Experience Officer.


To avail of the program, Globe Postpaid Mobile and Globe At Home broadband customers may apply through the Account Requests section of the GlobeOne app or fill out the form at Once submitted, a Globe representative will get in touch with them to discuss the available options.


Even those who have already applied for the Globe Installment Program last May but have completed their payments may seek further assistance again through The same holds true for accounts that were temporarily disconnected.  Those who have been permanently disconnected may call 214 toll-free from any Globe mobile number for other alternatives.


Globe sees the importance of information and communications technology to the lives of the people, thus, it constantly pushes for the adoption of digitalization in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly UNSDG No. 9 which underscores the crucial role that innovation plays in nation-building.


To register and learn more about the Financial Care Program, visit

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