Monday, December 21, 2020

The Enchanted Kingdom's Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

Santa Rosa, Laguna, December 19, 2020: Enchanted Kingdom lights up the evening sky with a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony graced by Assistant Secretary for Product and Market Development Verna Buensuceso of the Department of Tourism, VIPs from the Park and Attractions Industry, Media partners, social media influencers, and Enchanted Kingdom’s Executive Committee. The annual tree lighting ceremony is a long-running December tradition at Enchanted Kingdom, awaited by visitors and the park’s cast members alike.

This year’s dazzling Christmas Tree, towering at 35 feet, is made from 6,000 empty alcohol bottles provided by partner-sponsor PHILUSA Corporation, the country’s leading maker of affordably priced personal, baby, home and health care products since 1957. The PET bottles were upcycled to become EK’s magical Christmas centerpiece, a symbolic offering to all park guests as the year come to a close. As quoted from  the message of PHILUSA President and General Manager Neogin A. Evangelista, this partnership between Enchanted Kingdom and PHILUSA is very meaningful as  both  share a commitment to social responsibility even at this time of pandemic, with COVID-19 still a major threat to the health and well-being of millions of Filipinos. The eco-friendly masterpiece is a glowing reminder for everyone to stay safe at all times. It is, after all, a Tree of Faith, Hope, and Love— Faith that comes from believing in the magic and meaning of the season and having complete trust in God; Hope in holding on to our dreams and aspirations for better days to come; and Love that we experience and share with our families and friends all 366 days of this very trying 2020.

Despite EK’s grand plans for its 25th year anniversary last October, the park scaled-down the fanfare and festivities and instead focused on “Celebrating the Magic of Faith, Hope, and Love,” a very relevant and meaningful theme to mark its silver milestone. As Christmas nears, EK’s Tree of Faith, Hope, and Love will shine brighter than ever and make a day spent at the park even more magical.

EK continues its magical entertainment  throughout this Christmas season with the following shows: the Journey of Love and Hope, Eldar’s Symphony of Lights and Sounds and EK’s Moonlight Parade performed by EK’s Circle of Artists,  and special performances by Victoria’s Way and Kingsmen. Dancing and singing to everyone’s hearts is their way of saying “A Magical Christmas and Thank you to All!”

Enchanted Kingdom’s Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony and Magical Gift Packs  is also supported by the following  generous sponsors:

·       SD-13

·       Grandeur Signages Systems Inc.

·       Diyaryo Pinoy

·       Malaya Business Insight

·       Snack Pack

·       Peter Pan Peanut Butter

·       Act II Popcorn

·       Pik-Nik

·       Chocovron

·       Jack ‘n Jill Wiggles

·       Jack ‘n Jill Maxx Candies

The Christmas Tree will shine bright every night this holiday season with strict observance of safety measures to prevent crowding. Trust that your favorite theme park has all its health and safety protocols in place to give everyone the most magical and worry-free park experience in the remaining days of 2020 and beyond.

Please follow Enchanted Kingdom’s official Facebook page and official Twitter & Instagram accounts to get the latest updates on promos and ticket reservations and bookings. Click and visit EK’s official website www.enchanted for more information.

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