Friday, April 23, 2021

Fight COVID Learning Loss This Summer!

Parents and teachers across the globe have been dealing with school closures and a disturbance in their kids’ education due to COVID-19. According to the study of Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA), a Portland-based education organization, there is a 30% learning loss in reading and a 50% loss in math due to what is termed “the COVID slide”.

Every year, parents and educators are aware that the break from school entails some learning loss, commonly referred to as "summer slide”. However, this year, the situation is made more challenging due to the shift to online learning brought about by the pandemic. Students faced various forms of challenges to an online setting, Furthermore, the primary struggles students faced in coping with online learning in school was brought about by the following:

  1. Adjusting to a synchronous and asynchronous learning environment.

  2. Thriving in an online group setting.

  3. Less time spent per subject in school especially in Math and English.

But the good news is COVID slide can be prevented if the student will take on effectively designed online learning activities like the Galileo Online Learning Premium Program. The benefits of this program are more than just academic: students have a personalized and tailored interaction with our teachers that will meet their learning needs that have cropped up during the past academic year as they adjust to having a personal social connection with Galileo teachers.

The COVID slide is extremely concerning for parents and educators alike. However, there are strategies available in Galileo to mitigate it. With the Galileo Online Learning Premium Program, learning can happen anytime and from anywhere in the globe. Learning should continue even if schools are closed!

For more information about how Galileo can help your child fight Covid Learning Loss, you may call 0917 -8130674 or click this link:

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