Friday, August 6, 2021

The Prime Way Of Survival With Dr. Zen's Products

As of today, we were still experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic. Many companies were continuously researching the treatment for COVID-19 victims and prevention. Dr. Zen's is one of the businesses that researching to fight this virus.

Last July 13, 2021, Dr. Zen's products have organized a webinar about "The Chain of the Survival- from medical care to ICU”. The speakers within the webinar were led by all professional doctors namely Dr. Martin Gill, Dr. Jackie C. Stone, and Dr. Godofreda V. Dalmacion because the Discussion Chair.

Dr. Gill, the primary speaker discussed How our system Works and gave his insights for the simplest medicines to spice up our system with Zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Magnesium, and Melatonin.

  • Ivermectin on how it responds to COVID-19 patients consistent with Dr. Martin Gill:

  • Ivermectin blocks the viral RNA dependent RNA polymerase 

  • Anti-inflammatory effect

Dr. Stone, the second speaker discussed the Stages of COVID-19 and therefore the Use of Quadruple Therapy for COVID 19. She also explained giving Ivermectin to treat COVID-19 patients in other countries and showed studies on how patients react to the present medication and recovered from the said virus.

Dr. Stone has stated that the essential Principles of Multi-Drug Therapy Protocols below:

The principle of each stage of the illness is Triple therapy – Anti-Viral, Anti-inflammatory, and Anti-Coagulant. confirm you understand the stages of COVID 19 and can introduce Anti-inflammatory and Anti-Thrombotics if there's progression and therefore the patient deteriorates, or if the patient presents late. 

At the start (first 5 days), the main target must be antiviral. (SIDDz). Silver is anti-inflammatory and Ivermectin may prevent thrombosis. Consider Aspirin if the patient is at high risk.

After 7-8 days, particularly if there's hypoxia, additional anti-inflammatory, and anti-thrombotic agents got to be considered.

Antiviral therapy needs 4 agents, and that we recommend Quadruple therapy – prof Barody’s triple anti-viral therapy (Zn, Doxycycline, and Ivermectin) and nanosilver.

With Antiviral and anti-inflammatory therapy, you'll get to “Titrate to Effect”.

This means that if the patient isn't responding – doses may have to be increased, particularly, Nano-silver and Corticosteroids.

Steroids given too early can make things worse – steroids shouldn't tend until there's hypoxia or the CRP is over 20 – usually after day 7. it's important to not suppress the system within the early stages.

And Dr. Dalmacion, the Discussion Chair gave insights into how the Philippines also can adapt this medication and cured the COVID-19 patients here in our country. We are proud to mention that we've now the local supplier of Ivermectin from Dr. Zen's.

Dr. Zen's IVM is an FDA-approved IVM within the market. and therefore the ONLY human-grade IVM that's locally manufactured by Lloyd Laboratories with quite 30 years of toll manufacturing in our country.

To buy the sole IVM that has undergone quality tests to make sure safety.

Dr.Zen's IVM is additionally available altogether Mercury, Watson, TGP, Southstar Nationwide.

For more information about Ivermectin or other Dr. Zen's Products, you can inquire on their website today.

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