Friday, September 17, 2021

Globe ramps up spending efficiency with Cascadeo’s Cloud technology optimization

MANILA, Philippines - As part of its mission to drive innovation and enhancing business processes through technology while staying cost-effective as a business, Globe Telecom found ways to effectively optimize its cloud services and cut its annual spending through its collaboration with Cascadeo, its Cloud Professional, and Managed Services delivery arm. Cloud enables businesses to manage expenses better, as companies only pay for what they use, as opposed to maintaining physical servers which require additional manpower and larger investments.  

Following the implementation measures to revamp its cloud services while improving security, compliance, automation, and governance, Globe saw potential million-dollar savings amid forecasts of skyrocketing cloud bills this year.  

“As a cloud pioneer with one of the largest cloud footprints in the Philippines, we continuously assess our cloud investments and our processes to take advantage of Cloud benefits (elasticity, reliability, and costs),“ said Carlo Malana, Chief Information Officer, Globe Telecom.  

As Globe’s appetite for the Cloud continued to grow, so did its cloud spending as the largest Amazon Web Services (AWS) user in the Philippines. Globe’s aggressive drive for innovation continues to inform its strategic and cost-efficient investments on technologies that will improve its processes and enable the company to better serve its customers.  


With cloud computing costs predicted to increase significantly versus the previous year, the telco giant looked to optimize usage and keep its rising costs under control through a more intelligent infrastructure in the Cloud.  


Tapping into Cascadeo’s power for a more cost-effective cloud system  

“Through our partnership with Cascadeo, we were able to assess cloud utilization and better optimize the resources that we have. This ensures that we obtain a better return on our cloud investments as we continue to drive innovation and digital transformation for other businesses in the country,” he added.  


According to Cascadeo’s assessment, Globe’s IT group had difficulties enforcing its existing tagging policy which was designed to reduce costs by efficiently labeling useful information within the cloud infrastructure. The weak reinforcement of a tagging policy could lead to inaccurate reports and cost implications for Globe. It also showed gaps in cloud resource optimization practice that needed to be addressed.


Cascadeo acted on this by creating and deploying a policy focused on tagging compliance, which is an important tool to map cloud spending and for better control over future deployment.  

It also developed a customizable, centralized serverless solution for additional optimization policies that could not be integrated into the existing tool used by the team due to its limitations.  


Globe’s IT group found the solution cost-efficient, reliable, and scalable as it employed serverless components, which greatly reduced operational overhead to mostly code maintenance.  


Making businesses sustainable through cloud optimization  

Worldwide cloud spend is expected to increase further as more organizations and businesses accelerate their digital transformation to survive and thrive beyond the pandemic, making cloud adoption the next normal in business operations.  


Globe and Cascadeo have been collaborating closely to help enterprises become competitive and up to speed with the evolving demand of the digital economy. Cascadeo lends Globe its expertise in cloud-based products and provides support through cloud-managed services, which enable companies to take full advantage of the cloud’s agility, security, and scalability.  


Accelerate business transformation with the Cloud. Discover more about Cascadeo and Globe Cloud Solutions by contacting your Globe Business Account Manager or visiting our website.  

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