Wednesday, December 1, 2021

CEU opens Smart Online Store in partnership with PLDT Enterprise

(Manila, Philippines - November 29, 2021) PLDT Enterprise recently partnered with Centro Escolar University (CEU) for the opening of the CEU Smart Online Store that will provide connectivity solutions to support the digital learning needs of its students.

CEU Smart Online Store is a dedicated online shop where students and faculty members can easily avail eLearning solutions. The online store offers a wide range of connectivity products and solutions from Smart WIFI Plans to discounted smartphones which they can use for online learning.

PLDT Enterprise Assistant Vice President and Corporate Relationship Management Head for Academe & FMCG Dick Perez said that the company is offering a one-stop solution through the CEU Smart Online Store to support the educational institution’s digital learning efforts.

“We are excited to work with Centro Escolar University as its eLearning partner to empower their students and educators by offering a strong product suite for their digital learning needs. The CEU Smart Online Store will surely provide the best learning experience to their students,” Perez said.

Moreover, PLDT Enterprise Vice President and Enterprise Revenue Group Head Ding V. Villarino said that the CEU Smart Online Store is part of the company’s efforts to enable the country’s education sector as they employ digital learning initiatives to aid students and teachers.

“This partnership with Centro Escolar University is part of our commitment to help schools and universities enhance the learning experience through digital means. A strong and reliable internet is of utmost importance to students and teachers right now. Thus, we are employing the necessary initiatives to alleviate the difficulties they are experiencing online,” Villarino said.

She also noted that by opening the CEU Smart Online Store, the company provides personalized and convenient shopping experiences to students amid stay-at-home protocols.

“This online store is another way for us to bring our products and services closer to our customers at affordable prices,” Villarino added.

CEU President and Chief Academic Officer Dr. Ma. Cristina D. Padolina expressed her gratitude towards PLDT Enterprise and Smart for their commitment to helping build a stronger CEU through bringing the technologies and solutions to enable their online learning capabilities.

“CEU is grateful to partner with PLDT Enterprise and Smart. Through this partnership, our community will be empowered with the best internet solutions, and our stakeholders can enjoy an enhanced learning experience through PLDT Group’s reliable connectivity,” Padolina said.

PLDT Enterprise and Smart have connected with other educational institutions to provide students access to eLearning solutions and technologies at affordable prices.

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