Friday, February 11, 2022

Purpose powers Globe’s drive for constant innovation

A brand can only be as strong as its connection to its customers. For Globe, this means staying true to its purpose and drawing inspiration from what its customers value to deliver innovations that improve lives.

Globe Chief Marketing Officer Pia Gonzalez-Colby reaffirmed this mission at the recently held 51st National Marketing Conference of the Philippine Marketing Association, as she underscored the need for businesses to align their purpose with what matters to customers.


A strong sense of purpose resonates with the market and contributes significantly to the success of an enterprise, she said.

For Globe, staying true to its purpose of creating a Globe of Good means leveraging innovation to come up with products and services that help customers live life to the fullest.  It also entails going beyond business to meet environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) standards, ensuring the ethical impact and sustainability of the company.


“What we do effectively is more important than what we say.  Ensuring that we operationalize our purpose through innovation to align with what our clients need and value creates brand love. But we are not yet done, and I don't think we'll ever be done. It's a journey - we will continue to evolve to create a circle of happiness for all our stakeholders and build a Globe of Good,” said Colby.


Globe has endeavored to respond to rapidly changing customers’ needs due to pandemic-induced lifestyle shifts.


One key innovation is KonekTayo, which delivers accessible and affordable community WiFi service without the need for each household to have its own modem, postpaid subscription, or mobile data. Globe HomeSHARE is another new offering that allows families to share data across their Globe at Home prepaid Wi-Fi and personal mobile devices for work, study, or play, whether at home or on the go.


Globe also provides an avenue for customers to access what they love and enjoy.  The Globe Rewards program lets customers choose how to use their points to secure their daily essentials, enjoy activities with friends and family, or give back to worthy causes.


At the same time, the company has created different ways of connecting with its customers and addressing their needs and concerns.  Among these are the new GlobeOne app, the hotline with its digital assistant, and community Viber groups that offer assistance when needed. 


Moreover, Globe continues to invest in helping its customers feel safe and secure through security upgrades to protect their accounts. It also ramps up education and awareness campaigns on the latest online scams and other illegal activities, so individuals can also protect themselves.


On top of all these initiatives, Globe emphasizes sustainability as anchored on its purpose.  Through ESG targets, Globe has developed programs and processes to create a positive impact on the communities it serves, uplift the lives of its customers, and support inclusive and sustainable development for the nation.


Globe is one of the leading companies in terms of ESG integration in the Philippines. In July last year, it entered the top 100 Best Emerging Market Performers ranking from V.E, part of Moody’s ESG Solutions, for its dedication to implementing ESG practices across its operations. Globe was also included in the FTSE4Good Index Series for its strong ESG practices for six consecutive years.


Globe is committed to supporting 10 UN Sustainable Development Goals and upholding the UN Global Compact Principles.  To learn more about Globe, visit

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