Monday, March 14, 2022

Discover how M360 messaging solutions can boost your connection to your customers

Reach millions of people in seconds and take your business to a higher level.

The whole customer journey is evolving. And you need to create brand evangelists for your business. M360 offers the solutions you need to present seamless interactions to consumers from brand awareness, customer engagement, to providing excellent care in different channels including SMS, Viber for Business, Facebook Messenger, and more.

M360 is the newest subsidiary of 917Ventures, a corporate venture builder under the Globe Group.  It is a cloud-based communications platform provider that empowers businesses to scale up through innovative messaging solutions, leveraging various communication channels for a frictionless experience.

“We want to support the growth of businesses, no matter their size. In this digital economy, it is necessary for businesses to be equipped with advanced customer campaign solutions and messaging enablement to connect with the customers.  This will drive more people to their business, bolster communication, and boost brand awareness,” said Mon Hirang, M360 Chief Operating Officer.


Here are ways your business can reap the benefits of M360’s Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging solutions:


1.       Awareness and Reach
M360 can help you  in sending out important announcements, including new product alerts, new store openings, even push app downloads, to many, in any channel you and your customers prefer.


2.       Drive Conversion and Sales
Consumers who receive promotional messages often end up buying, while some prefer making an inquiry first before doing the final purchase. Encourage store and site visits with M360’s innovative messaging solutions.

3.       Influence Retention & Referral
More meaningful connections are made when your customers can reach your business in channels they prefer. Augment your messages with content like images, videos, links, and polls with M360 Viber for Business and Facebook Messenger.


Be where your customers are.  M360 offers packages as low as P599/month, and more packages are available for businesses of any size. To learn more, visit

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