Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Nephromed Banks on PLDT Digital Solutions to Ensure Smooth Operations, Dialysis Patient Care

As the country’s largest fully integrated telecommunications provider, PLDT has always been dedicated to empowering Filipinos with its customer-focused digital technologies and helping them unleash their infinite potential.

The group has been a reliable partner of households, private firms, communities, and the government in creating a solid network foundation to connect and fulfill their basic need to communicate.

One of its valued clients is Nephromed Asia Dialysis Center, a dialysis franchise chain that provides high-quality and affordable access to kidney treatments in the Philippines and other Asian countries.

Through PLDT’s B2B arm, PLDT Enterprise, the group was able to extend cutting-edge digital technologies to power the business and serve the various healthcare needs of patients.

For the healthcare provider, a strong and reliable internet connection is necessary to work efficiently with relevant offices and facilitate the seamless transmission of data which are essential for processes such as billing system. The reliable internet connection provided by PLDT ensures that Nephromed is updated with its billing statements, resulting in efficient operation and patient retention.

PLDT Enterprise, through BEYOND FIBER solution, delivers a fast and reliable internet connection that allows patients to watch shows via video streaming sites while they are having their treatment. Nephromed centers are equipped with television monitors and free WIFI connections for patients who undergo hours of dialysis treatment every week.

The said connectivity also allows patients and their companions to access their social media accounts and surf uninterruptedly to stay connected with their families.

“Nagpapasalamat kami sa PLDT Enterprise na naging katuwang namin sa paghahatid ng serbisyo sa aming mga pasyente. We now experience fast and reliable internet connection which enable us in dealing with PhilHealth and providing our patients and their families with free WIFI while they are in the center,” said Ben Calderon, Managing Director of Nephromed Asia Dialysis Center – Rizal.

PLDT Enterprise continues to empower businesses to innovate and thrive in this increasingly changing digital world. It provides solutions to create a lasting and positive impact on business.

As a growth enabler, PLDT Enterprise aims to empower its valued micro, small, and medium enterprise (MSME) partners by delivering digital solutions from connectivity, and financial assistance, to upskilling and training that create a lasting and positive impact on their operations as they move towards digital transformation.

Through the group’s SMBiz Sulong Campaign, the group distinguishes its MSME partners that it has been supporting in their digital pivot with the help of its products and solutions, including BEYOND FIBER, Postpaid, Smart Enterprise Broadband, and Bizload.

PLDT Enterprise offers Beyond Fiber Sulong Plan, an all-in-one solution that aims to help MSMEs in their journey toward digital transformation. It aids the digital pivot of MSMEs through a set of enterprise technologies that are bundled in a single, affordable plan.

This features Beyond Fiber Sulong Plan with speedboost for a total of 100 Mbps for reliable connectivity, Maya QR for cashless payment transactions; Multistore, used for creating an eCommerce website; Antivirus Endpoint Advanced Security (EAS) Lite to protect business devices and data from cyber threats; and Domain, a service that allows businesses to get their own unique address or link online.

“PLDT Enterprise has empowered a strong connectivity foundation that supports our thrust of providing high-quality treatment and care to our patients. Technology is indeed a powerful tool to unlock limitless opportunities, especially for MSMEs, and we are grateful that PLDT Enterprise is there to guide us as we embraced innovation to deliver enriching healthcare services to our patients,” Calderon added.

For more information, visit pldtenterprise.com. 

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