Tuesday, September 6, 2022

PureGo is now Rappit! Online grocery store promises more rewards for shopping, more efficient deliveries

Online grocery store Purego, a collaboration between the Puregold Group and Globe’s 917Ventures is now Rappit, the Filipinos’ new grocery shopping sidekick that promises more efficient deliveries and a better shopping experience.

Rappit, a play on words combining “wrap it” and rapid, is hopping into Filipino households with a more fun and exciting shopping experience plus greater rewards for their shopping.

With its rebrand, Rappit is embracing a bigger sense of purpose: to continue offering premium quality groceries at affordable prices, provide stellar user experience customization, and reward app users with exclusive perks and freebies. This is how Rappit aims to take delivery service to a whole new level.

“We are thrilled to introduce Rappit to online grocery shoppers. The app takes all the things users loved about PureGo, with the addition of even better customer service, access to reasonably priced product favorites, and exciting rewards every time you shop with us. We want to not only continue giving users a better shopping experience, but also change things up to keep online grocery shopping fresh and enjoyable!” said Rappit CEO Cindy Toh.

Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu, meanwhile, shared his excitement over the arrival of Rappit, seeing it as a game-changer in the online delivery space.

“Rappit stands out as a fresh, exciting and dynamic delivery brand that wants to give not just an excellent online shopping and delivery experience to its customers, but also reward them for using the service. This reflects the #AlagangGlobe brand of caring for people as we go about our business,” Cu said.

With Rappit, shoppers will get a more personalized service, with user-friendly navigation experience that will make online shopping feel like second nature. Using Rappit also promises to be more fun, with app users able to shop from a mix of shopping categories.

One of the things shoppers can look forward to with Rappit is the more rewarding experience it provides, and the many perks customers can enjoy. Expect to experience steals, deals, and freebies on the Rappit app!

In line with Globe’s commitment for innovation, the Rappit brand is a testament to the positive impact of technology in addressing everyday needs.

“As we go beyond the telco business and become a digital solutions platform that aims to address the challenges of the Filipino people, we are so excited to see how vast Rappit can contribute to this vision,” Cu said.

Puregold President Vincent Co, meanwhile, said Rappit’s mission is aligned with Puregold’s goal of providing Filipinos greater access to quality products for their daily needs.

“Puregold’s aim has always been to provide access to quality goods to the Filipinos. With Rappit, we aim to extend this purpose to more customers nationwide through the use of cutting edge technology. Puregold further reinforces its vision in providing a more rewarding online grocery experience for the Filipinos through the solutions that we are innovating,” said Co.

To use Rappit, visit its website at https://rappit.ph/. You may also download the app on Android here or iOS via this link.

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