Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Xbox Commits to a Safe Online World for All on Safer Internet Day

Following the celebration of the 20th annual Safer Internet Day, Xbox is committed to ensuring a safe online world for everyone. Xbox's Trust and Safety team is taking a multi-faceted approach to safety, privacy, and community health to provide players and families with peace of mind while gaming on Xbox.

The team has developed a range of family-friendly resources, such as the Xbox Family Hub, the Xbox Data Collection for Kids website, and well-established Community Standards. These resources are designed to empower parents, children, and caregivers with the tools and education they need to create safer gaming experiences.

To further encourage learning about online safety, Xbox has launched Privacy Prodigy, a game-based learning experience aimed at teaching players ages 7-18 how to protect their personal data. Privacy Prodigy is accessible for free in the Minecraft Marketplace and can be found in the Minecraft Education lesson library.

To ensure safe and fun gaming conversations, Xbox scans over 18 billion interactions per year using Community Sift, a moderation platform that understands more than 20 languages and cultural idioms. To help families have even safer gaming experiences, Xbox allows them to create family groups and child accounts, customize their settings using the Xbox Family Settings app, and check in and play with their children regularly.

By providing these resources and tools, Xbox is making it easier for families to have positive and safe gaming experiences. For more information on Xbox's commitment to online safety, visit

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