Tuesday, March 21, 2023

ePLDT bolsters hyperconnected VITRO Data Center network with premium connectivity solutions

 ePLDT, the ICT subsidiary of the PLDT Group and the country’s pioneering Data Center services provider, is boosting its suite of connectivity solutions to further enrich the colocation experience of clients through its hyperconnected network of VITRO Data Centers. ePLDT is focused on delivering digital transformation solutions with its suite of multi-cloud and data center services.

“Connectivity is a fundamental consideration for our colocation clients. Ensuring that enterprises collocating in VITRO remain well-connected to anywhere in the world is of prime importance to us in ePLDT. We build robust and world-class facilities, as well as hyperconnected data centers that enable enterprises for hypergrowth,” said ePLDT President & CEO, Victor S. Genuino.

“With 10 sites currently operating across the country, VITRO strengthens its network of data centers through connectivity solutions that help enterprises scale their businesses, support day-to-day operations, and even gain direct access to global data traffic,” Genuino added.


VITRO Data Center Interconnect (DCI) is a direct, carrier-grade, and well-secured private link between VITRO facilities available in 1Gbps, 10 Gbps, and 100 Gbps port speeds.


DCI allows easier and faster sharing of data between two separate VITRO Data Centers, simulating a local network while enabling seamless integration of resources for enterprises with their partners and service providers.


Meanwhile, VITRO Internet Access (VIA) provides resilient global internet access for customers colocated in VITRO Data Centers. VIA provides an ideal connectivity set-up for enterprises in various industries needing secure and reliable global internet access through its diverse, automated routing and dedicated internet connection.


Further elevating VITRO’s hyperconnectivity capabilities is its VITRO Internet Exchange (VIX). It hosts the country’s richest and most diverse IP ecosystem in which local internet service providers such as telco giant PLDT, gaming and cable TV operators, and Cloud and Content Providers are members of.


With VIX, colocated clients gain direct access to over 85 million eyeballs and gigabytes of content from a single port. This significantly improves the quality of access for all members of VIX by localizing the content in VITRO and eliminating the need to utilize international links when retrieving data. This not only lowers network operating costs for enterprise VIX members but also lessens latency and improves the internet experience of end-consumers.


“Our VITRO connectivity suite gives our clients full flexibility and the capability to connect to any network or point of interest inside and outside the country, and between any VITRO data center facility they choose to colocate in. VITRO is the preferred hub that bridges enterprise IT ecosystems and digital content to the vast majority of consumer eyeballs in the country and beyond, delivering the best user experience possible,” said Gary F. Ignacio, ePLDT Chief Data Center Officer.


A key part of the PLDT Group, ePLDT pioneered and continues to lead the data center industry in the country. Through ePLDT, PLDT continues to significantly invest in expanding critical ICT facilities to help power the nation’s digital advancement and draw in hyper scalers to the country.

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