Tuesday, March 14, 2023

TM's Newest Superheroes, The Extendables, Baninay and Gaiapoly, Extend Good Vibes to Students in U-belt!

If you got the pawer to extend help to others so they can achieve something in life, even as simple as winning in a random game for extra cash, wouldn’t you go for it? This is exactly what TM Ambassadors, Baninay and Gaiapoly did one afternoon, bringing fun and excitement to students at the University Belt in Manila.

YouTuber Baninay and TikTok Star Gaiapoly turned into superheroes called “The Extendables” to help students answer tough questions for a chance to win P1,000 to add to their allowances. Unsuspecting students became ecstatic and grateful when the tandem came out from nowhere, using their “pawer” to extend help to get the right answers so they can win the prize.

To have the pawer of extension means a great deal for many. For Baninay, she would want to have the pawer to extend the good relationship she has with her friends, family, and her partner because she values her loved ones more than anything else. Meanwhile, Gaiapoly hopes for her parents to have an extended life, so she has more chances to take care and provide for them. For her, extending the good vibes and building a great life for her family is the best achievement she can get.

We Got Da Pawer with TM EasySURF 50 FREE EXTEND

Just like what Baninay and Gaiapoly did to extend the fun to others, TM also wants to give its customers the pawer of free extend, so they can achieve more diskarte in life, especially for students who need extra help with their studies or want to have fun with their friends while learning.

TM's EASYSURF50 FREE EXTEND is a sulit pawer move that gives Ka-TMs the most value out of their data promo by PLUS ONE DAY FREE to maximize their unused open-access GBs to enjoy online gaming, viral video and dance trends, and more with their friends and family. With TM, WE GOT DA PAWER!

Ka-TMs can get the best out of this offer until April 30, 2023 by registering to EasySURF50 and texting “Free Extend” to 8080. This one-day free extend freebie can be claimed once for every active EASYSURF 50 registration.

Catch how the TM Extendables shared good vibes, fun, and diskarte moves to our ka-TMs here, and to know more about TM’s latest offers, visit TM Tambayan in all social media channels.

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