Friday, July 21, 2023

Edutech Startup 10XME Academy Launches AI Training Programs; Top Entrepreneurs Lead Inaugural Bootcamp for Local Company Upskilling

21 July 2023 – Edutech startup, 10XME Academy, announces the launch of its 10X AI training programs, a pioneering initiative designed to help entrepreneurs, corporate employees, and students to leverage the best AI tools for elevating their productivity “ten times”. 

10XME Academy was founded on the principle that AI can bolster productivity tenfold. The startup offers hands-on and outcome-based classes curated to help their students accomplish their objectives. They prioritize practical learning, enabling students to achieve an increase in productivity within days, rather than weeks.

The launch comes amid increasing recognition of AI’s potential to enhance productivity. A recent study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research demonstrated a 14% boost in issues resolved per hour with the aid of an AI-based conversational assistant. The study further suggested that AI assistance has been especially beneficial to novice and low-skilled workers, enabling them to glean potentially tacit knowledge from their more experienced peers and move down the experience curve. 

Industry leaders also predict a competitive edge for those who can effectively utilize advanced AI technologies, such as OpenAI's GPT-4. The findings underline AI’s integral role in accelerating productivity and support 10XME Academy’s mission to empower professionals and businesses through AI.

“AI is disrupting many industries and forcing many professionals to either upskill or find other work. Technology is the greatest equalizer and AI tools will prove that fairly quickly. With our courses, we want to challenge an organization's perceived limitations and allow them to take back their time. We want professionals and entrepreneurs to be confident using these tools to further their careers or future-proof their income,” said Bianca Azurin, Founder of 10XME Academy.

The inaugural class entitled “How to Replace your Marketing Agency with AI” will start on August 19, 2023. It will run for four consecutive Saturdays and conclude on September 9, 2023. 

This 4-day program goes in depth into how local companies can leverage AI tools to maximize every aspect of their marketing team’s output and performance. Students will learn how to craft effective marketing strategies, create and distribute content at scale, and implement AI tools into their daily operations.

The program will be led by guest lecturers from the region's most innovative tech startups. Students can expect to actively participate in practical exercises and go through all the AI tools with the main lecturer. They will also be given up to 10x the value of their program fees in the form of exclusive tools, perks, and subscriptions offered by future partners. 

Classes will be held at partner venues in BGC, with plans to establish dedicated 10XME Academy classrooms in the future. The academy will also eventually offer immersive online classes where students get to join the live class from anywhere in the world.

Applications are currently open for the first cohort. Interested participants can submit their applications on the 10XME Academy’s website: Deadline of applications is on August 8. Full program brochures may be found on the website as well.

Prior to the official roll out of the actual four-day comprehensive programs, 10XME Academy conducted two pilot classes to gather initial feedback on its courses.

During its pilot marketing class last July 1, 2023, over 20 business leaders and marketers from prominent companies in the country were invited to participate. The course explored a diverse range of topics including integrating AI into business operations, prompt engineering basics, and creating SEO plans using AI. 

Among the attendees of the first class are Nix Nolledo of EDEN Holdings, Steve Sy of Great Deals E-commerce Corporation, Steve Benitez of Bo’s Coffee, Dean Bernales of Uniquecorn Strategies, Jen Bilango of, Ton Patron of DA5 - Western Union and SurgePay, and other representatives from Ludy’s Peanut Butter, Infinix Mobile, PHINMA Properties, Pantheon Holdings, DragonPay, Accenture Innovation,, and BreederDAO.

10XME  Academy also recognizes the  potential of the youth to achieve financial freedom even before graduating from college. A separate class called “Earn Your First Million with Ecommerce”  was conducted on July 8, 2023  for students to learn the fundamental principles of starting an ecommerce business. It was attended by teenagers, aged 13 to 17, from schools like Philippine Science High School System, De La Salle University, and Everest Academy.

The pilot ecommerce class focused on marketing strategies, including branding, logo design, social media management, and content creation – all with the help of AI. The academy envisions working directly with schools to offer its programs as extracurricular weekend classes, helping students leverage AI tools to complement their existing skill sets and interests.

The pilot classes were facilitated by Miggy Azurin, Managing Partner at Huskee Digital, former faculty at Ateneo de Manila University School of Management, and former lecturer at the Certified Digital Marketer program.

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