Thursday, August 31, 2023

Instructure Experts Highlight Data, AI and Edtech Trends Shaping Education in the Philippines

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — August 31, 2023 — Experts from the global edtech firm Instructure, the maker of Canvas learning management system, shared during CanvasConnect conference in the Philippines the emerging trends in education technology that are setting new standards and reshaping the Philippines’ educational landscape in areas such as data analytics and the use of tools powered by generative artificial intelligence (AI).

CanvasConnect Philippines, which took place August 22, 2023, at the Manila Hotel in Ermita, Manila, brought together a diverse group of educators and industry leaders from the country’s top universities to discuss best practices as institutions embrace new approaches and tools to complement and improve online, hybrid and traditional face-to-face learning. Edtech experts from Instructure also shared their insights on significant technological advancements and trends that are setting the tone for 2023 and beyond.

Melissa Loble, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Instructure, highlighted how institutions in the post-pandemic are placing students at the center of learning. More than just traditional degree programs, students are looking for alternative educational options for their learning journey. Many Institutions acknowledge that shift by offering non-degree programs and courses that provide credentials or digital badges, paving the way for students to pursue their desired careers or upskill and change career paths. 

Loble also explored the growing focus on lifelong learning, the growing importance of data analytics, and how educators across the globe are testing ways to recreate the classroom learning experience in a virtual environment. “Even when we're coupling a physical environment and an online environment together, there's so much opportunity in data to create more personalized learning paths and much more effective and just-in-time teaching experiences,” she said.

With the current public focus on generative AI like ChatGPT, Ryan Lufkin, Vice President of Global Strategy of Instructure, said it is time for educators and administrators to incorporate digital innovations into their teaching and learning processes.

According to Lufkin, students today grow up in a world dominated by technology and will eventually work in careers where the use of technology will be imperative to their success. Learning these tools in the classroom helps prepare them for the digital future. He encouraged embracing AI for instructional purposes by training educators and incorporating these innovative tools into the curriculum.

“We’re seeing the world’s leading schools take a proactive approach toward professional development training around AI for educators, but we're not seeing as much as we want to. In a lot of cases, it is individual educators going out and kind of tackling this on their own. Educators need to know how AI can be used and how to use it properly, so they can teach students” he explained.

While Intructure’s approach to generative AI is based on an intentional, secure, and human-driven implementation to promote equitable and impactful learning experiences for everyone, Lufkin also pointed out the need to provide a comprehensive policy on the ethical use of AI for educators and students alike. He said transparency, fairness, and safety must be guiding principles for universities in drafting these guidelines.

Lufkin also suggested changing how institutions measure learning. He advised clarifying the “why” behind course activities to help prevent them from using AI tools as shortcuts and emphasized the need to teach critical thinking, as tools like ChatGPT often don't cite sources.

The conference also featured beta and future technologies that will be integrated into Canvas LMS and other products in the Instructure Learning Platform. The innovations include enhancements to learning and admin analytics, bulk publish and unpublished modules, flexible displays, AI-assisted course templating, the beta AI-powered right-and-wrong answer rationale, and integration of AI writing tutor Khanmigo, made available through a partnership with Khan Academy. The speakers emphasized how these innovations will improve personalized learning experiences, collaboration, accessibility, engagement and productivity for educators and students alike.

To cap it off, Harrison Kelly, Regional Vice President for Asia Pacific at Instructure, emphasized the pivotal role of educational technology in empowering educators with valuable data-driven insights and inspiring students to dream bigger and stay aligned with the rapidly changing global landscape.

“As the Philippine educational landscape transforms, it's clear that with the right educational tools and commitment, together we can pave the way for limitless possibilities,” he said.

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