Thursday, September 7, 2023

Introducing: Aspen, a New Platform That Provides WEB3 Creators With Tools to Create Membership Programs Guaranteeing Royalties

In an era of rapid digital transformation, where web3 is reshaping the way we create, share, and interact, Monax Labs steps into the spotlight with a game-changing innovation. Today, on September 6, 2023, Monax Labs proudly unveils 'Aspen,' a visionary web3 membership platform set to redefine the foundations of the creator economy.

Empowering Creators and Communities

At its core, Monax Labs envisions a web3 landscape where NFT infrastructures are not just secure and legal, but where creators and their communities thrive. Aspen emerges as the bridge that brings creators closer to their audiences, offering a suite of powerful tools to curate and manage bespoke membership programs.

Aspen introduces essential features for creators, including royalties, minting, membership subscriptions, and utility access. It's a comprehensive toolkit designed to empower creators to monetize their work, build thriving communities, and unlock the full potential of web3.

A Visionary CEO Leading the Way

Casey Kuhlman, the CEO of Monax Labs, shares his excitement about Aspen, emphasizing the platform's commitment to putting creator rights first. He envisions a decentralized future where businesses, regardless of their size, find the support they need to flourish in the web3 arena.

Real-World Impact: Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Aspen's journey began six months ago with a soft launch, during which it collaborated closely with creators and projects to address real-world challenges. One standout success story is the transformation of Consortium Key, a collection that provides tools for maximizing trading efficiency.

Consortium Key faced a daunting challenge, with revenue plummeting by 95%. However, with the implementation of Aspen's innovative solutions, they achieved remarkable results. Within the first month of the new program, Consortium Key not only reached its initial revenue goal but also more than doubled its subscription numbers.

Statistics reveal a remarkable turnaround, with 90% of Consortium Key's holders paying royalties (a significant jump from the 10% in April 2023) and a 75% increase in holders paying subscriptions since February 2023. This not only saved the project from potential decline but also enabled them to recover around 60% of their cash flow breakeven.

By the second month, Consortium Key achieved cash flow breakeven through subscription revenue alone, allowing them to rebuild their reserves, which had dwindled due to marketplaces' unexpected optional royalties model. In essence, Aspen transformed a financial crisis into a golden opportunity, boosting membership revenue and enhancing the trading experience for users.

Protecting Creator Rights and Revenue

Christina Giannakou, the Chief Creative Officer of Monax Labs and the driving force behind Aspen's development, emphasizes the platform's commitment to creator rights. Aspen empowers creators to unlock recurring revenue, safeguard their intellectual property, and take charge of their digital enterprises.

From ideation to execution, Aspen grants creators unparalleled autonomy, enabling them to craft narratives and forge connections within a space they truly own.

Aspen by Monax Labs isn't just a platform; it's a testament to the transformative power of web3 in the creator economy. To explore Aspen's groundbreaking approach to creator empowerment, visit Aspen's official website:

In a world where the digital realm and creativity converge, Aspen stands as a beacon, lighting the way for creators to thrive and succeed.

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