Friday, December 22, 2023

Globe partners with Learning Islands to transform children’s educational journey

Leading digital solutions platform Globe has partnered with British firm Learning Possibilities, creators of the innovative digital reading app Learning Islands. Together, they aim to bring a new world of educational and entertainment content to children, leveraging the power of digital technology and storytelling.

Learning Islands is designed to make reading not just a task but a delight for the young ones. It helps in developing their reading comprehension and English-speaking skills through stories with captivating Disney characters, turning learning into an engaging and enriching experience.

The app also offers interactive games to ignite children’s curiosity and creativity. This unique approach ensures that learning is not only effective but also incredibly enjoyable.

“We are thrilled to enter into this exciting partnership with Globe for the Philippines market. Learning Islands is a digital app built on an adventure through five islands while discovering a collection of 100 video stories from Disney and 240 interactive games with amazing prizes. I look forward to working together to deliver this great app to families across the Philippines,” said Dr. Mehool Sanghrajka MBE, CEO of Learning Possibilities at Learning Islands.


Sarah Chidgey, Head of International Education at the United Kingdom’s Department for Business and Trade, welcomed the partnership and the possibilities it could open for Filipino children.


“I am thrilled that the British company Learning Possibilities’ partnership with Globe will make its Learning Islands app accessible to all Filipino children. The combination of the app’s Disney-themed content and Globe’s reach across the Philippines makes this an amazing combination that will contribute to enhancing English skills and literacy in the Philippines. I look forward to hearing about its future success,” she said.


Rina Azcuna-Siongco, Head of the Get Entertained Tribe at Globe highlighted the significance of the partnership: “This collaboration aims to provide an engaging and effective learning platform for Filipino children. By partnering with Learning Possibilities, we are not just advancing our commitment to education but also ensuring that learning becomes a fun and immersive experience for them.”


The initiative represents a shared vision for a brighter educational future in the Philippines. With Globe and Learning Possibilities, educational disparities are being bridged, opening doors to a world where children can learn and grow in an enriching environment.


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