Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Globe underscores need for ethical AI at Mapúa MCM Career Fair

Amid the rapid growth of artificial intelligence (AI), leading digital solutions platform Globe tackled the need for ethical practices and human oversight over the technology in an insightful discussion with students at the recent Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao (Mapúa MCM) Career and Internship Fair.

Dennis Abella, VP for Operations Systems Support (OSS) Program Delivery at Globe, noted how science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math (STEM) can prepare students for future careers where AI integration is increasingly becoming indispensable.

But while AI stimulates creativity and innovation, and enhances critical thinking, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills, he pointed out that it is crucial to understand AI's ethical and societal implications.

"AI is powerful, but it still requires human common sense to make the right decisions. It cannot discern beyond its programmed capabilities. Because of this, we need responsible digital citizenship, ensuring that we make informed, ethical decisions about technology use and its impact on society," said Abella in his talk “AI Unleashed.”

Globe is currently testing the use of AI in certain aspects of the business, including customer service and automation of its digital channels. These initiatives ensure that risks in the areas of security, compliance, and ethics are mitigated.

“AI systems, by nature, lack moral reasoning and an understanding of complex social norms. This is why human oversight is critical, as it ensures that AI operates within ethical boundaries and prevents possible misuse that may lead to harm,” he added.

Globe and Mapúa MCM share a commitment to advancing technological education while ensuring that students grasp the significance of human oversight in AI.

"This collaboration with Globe provides our students with invaluable insights into the practical and ethical dimensions of AI. It helps equip our students with the skills and perspective needed to succeed in a tech-driven world," said Leopoldo Aquino, Jr., Director of the Office of Corporate Partnership and Alumni Affairs at Mapúa MCM.

Engr. Alejandro H. Ballado, Jr., EVP/COO of Mapúa MCM, meanwhile, emphasized the career expo's role in bridging the gap between academic preparation and industry expectations.

"The Mapúa MCM Career and Internship Fair, supported by Globe, is more than just a job fair. It's a platform for future-proofing our students. By exposing them to industry leaders and the latest technological trends, we ensure they are ready to contribute meaningfully to society and the economy," Ballado stated.

Globe’s partnership with Mapúa MCM is in line with the company’s proactive efforts to collaborate with academic institutions across the country to help prepare future-ready students and open doors to opportunities in the technology sector.

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