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Globe Strategy Chief Nikko Acosta Banners AI Use in Oxford Talk

Globe’s chief strategist recently showcased the company’s strategic use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in enhancing business processes amid its expansion into a digital solutions platform in one of the world’s best academic institutions.

Nikko Acosta, Chief Strategy Officer at Globe and President and CEO of its adtech arm Brave Connective Holdings, Inc., addressed a class of business leaders from around the world at the University of Oxford's Diploma in Artificial Intelligence Program.

Other speakers at the event were Alice Tomlinson, Global Marketing Sourcing at the World Federation of Advertisers, and Marina Petrova, Head of GenAI at GMS, who contributed their perspectives on the evolving role of AI in global markets.

Among those in the audience were representatives from multinational giants including AWS, Microsoft, and Meta, focusing on the real-world applications of AI in Globe's operations. His talk resonated with the participants, sparking engaging discussions on the future of AI in global business practices.

Acosta’s presentation provided an in-depth look at how Globe leverages AI to foster a customer-centric approach, manage vast data ecosystems, and streamline operations, ultimately contributing to corporate and social advancements. He explained the company’s strategy to balance the love of new technologies with community and ethical responsibility.


The presentation outlined Globe's strategic initiatives, such as using AI in customer service to provide 24/7 support and in data management for real-time analytics, both of which have significantly enhanced operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The digital solutions platform is also looking at how to use AI to serve a diverse customer base across the nation by supporting a variety of regional languages. This hyper-personalization would ensure every customer feels understood and valued, bridging communication gaps and fostering stronger community ties.

"We determined that we want to find a problem to solve, assess if the opportunity is big enough, address it at the right time with disruptive innovations, and invest in growth in a manner that's sustainable," Acosta said.

The discussion extended to the ethical considerations of AI deployment, stressing the importance of using AI responsibly to ensure it adds value to society and does not just serve as a technological overreach.

Acosta also touched on the Philippines' economic landscape, noting its stark contrasts. He shared that around 20 million Filipinos live in abject poverty*, driving home the point of technology as a lever for economic and social improvement.

Globe’s initiative is to make the country a digital powerhouse, with AI playing a crucial role in financial inclusion, educational access, and the broader digital economy.

"Our mission is to make the Philippines an area where dreams come true for families, businesses flourish, and the nation is admired," he said, highlighting Globe's commitment to uplifting the lives of Filipinos through digital solutions.

With AI at the core of Globe's strategic initiatives, the company is paving the way for a future where technology and human interests align to create sustainable, inclusive growth across the nation.


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*Philippine Statistics Authority Poverty Statistics (August 2022)

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