Monday, July 8, 2024

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Underworld Queens Spend Summer on the Surface with Beauty Full Shot Event

MANILA, July 2024 – Commanders! Goddess of Victory: NIKKE makes it a sizzling summer to remember as the Tetra Line explores the shores, exhibiting their photography skills. Everyone's stoked about hitting the big sea—except for Sakura and Rosanna, who seem less than thrilled.

In the event, explore the BEAUTY FULL SHOT map and participate in various events. By searching the map, players can acquire Gems, development materials, and unexpected Lost Relics.


  • SSR Sakura: Bloom in Summer

  • SSR Rosana: Chic Ocean

  • SSR Mary: Bay Goddess

  • SSR Neon: Blue Ocean

Special Recruit duration: From the end of the July 4, 2024 maintenance to 4:59:59 July 25, 2024 (UTC+9)

For the full list of July 4 updates, see here. More information can be found on the official website.

To learn more about GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE, go to: and download the game on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

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