Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Filipino Hoteliers Developed Cloud-Based Booking and Management Solutions System

As we become a web-centric world, more businesses are looking for innovative ways to make our lives more manageable and efficient.

Thankfully, a group of hoteliers developed a cloud-based, seamless management solution every hotel owner must have ASAP!

The Philippine economy is exponentially growing at a rapid rate with the hospitality industry being one of the major contributors to its growth. Specifically, the Philippine Hotel Industry generated a revenue of Php 3.25 Trillion in 2017 (21% OF GDP). Thus, making it an extremely lucrative business despite being behind in technological resources and e-commerce presence. More importantly, the need to innovate is, therefore, a top priority, and take it very seriously.

Its mission is to make property management easy, seamless, and convenient. Furthermore, to provide the cheapest, most practical booking experience to all its customers. is 100% Filipino owned, developed locally, and conceptualized by key individuals who have real and direct experience with the hospitality industry. It is specifically created by hoteliers for hoteliers taking into great consideration the growing demands of the industry and the rapid advancement of technology. These make the uniqueness of the product and its compelling factor in becoming the top of mind brand for its clients. is a cloud-based property management solutions software that utilizes state of the art technology in addressing the needs of the hospitality industry from operations, management, sales, marketing, and finance. It implements a cost-effective, efficient, and seamless operating system that can be custom-configured according to specific client requirements. It can easily integrate with other 3rd party software to enhance productivity and efficiency. It provides instant access to real-time information essential to the growth and success of its clients’ business. is a crucial tool for every property management company, and to the hospitality industry in general to ensure maximum profitability.

This robust system enables hotel owners to appropriately recognize revenue and expenses in the period it is earned in accordance with hotel standards ANYTIME, ANYWHERE USING THE POWER OF THE INTERNET.

Its comprehensive business solution allows clients more time to focus on what really matters…your guests and THE IMPROVEMENT OF your property.

In a succinct manner, keeps track of reservations, check-ins, checkouts, room status, sales and other revenue sources in real time across various platforms and mobile devices.

"WE WANT every hotel owner to feel safe and secured - free from any human errors. is the SYSTEM everyone wants: VERSATILE, dependable, trustworthy, and impeccable,” CEO shares.

"We pursue relationships based on transparency, persistence, mutual trust, and integrity with our employees, customers and other business partners," she added.

As businesses grow, the more you need a genius system like If you're tired of the usual human errors and currently feel the need to be more innovative, consider getting

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CAH is an organization that owns strategic units complimenting each business. The companies under its umbrella are Creekside Makati Hotel, Eco Hotels Inc., Tumon Bel-air and BookingXprss Inc. While Comfac Technology Options Limited (CTO) is a company that provides consulting and information technology services to enterprises in the delivery of business solutions based on the Software-as-a-Service (S-a-a-S) model.

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