Friday, November 30, 2018

World-renowned Photojournalist Michael Yamashita unveils his secret to unforgettable portraits with Sony’s advanced camera technology

Sony today introduced a new campaign film starring renowned National Geographic photojournalist, Michael Yamashita. The 60 seconds film follows Mr. Yamashita as he embarks on a visual journey to Ladakh, Jammu and gives a rare behind-the-scenes investigate how he captures perfect portraits.

In the short film, Mr. Yamashita showcases how he uses Sony’s Eye AF technology in his trusted A7R III to elevate the portraits he took throughout his journey. From the pure wonder in the curious eyes of the village children to true happiness emitting from their sparkling eyes, Mr. Yamashita faithfully captures every emotion.

“For me, the emotion is always in the eyes. That’s the single most important element to capture in a portrait. On my camera, I keep the Eye Autofocus function on constantly so that no matter where my subject is moving, wherever they are in the frame, their eyes are in perfect focus every time. Those eyes and the emotion behind them are going to be razor sharp,” Mr. Yamashita explained.

As Mr. Yamashita patiently waits for the perfect shot, Sony’s Eye AF tracks the slightest eye movement of his photo subjects in detail and immortalizes the humanity of the moment in a single snap.

“With this camera (the Sony A7R III), you see in amazing detail. You can see every thread of hair, every eyelash. You don’t miss a thing,” said Mr. Yamashita.

Sony’s Eye AF technology has become one of the biggest game changers for portrait photography and is ideal for everyday photography and professional shots. With its remarkable wide auto-focus area and accurate eye detection in all conditions, Eye AF can transform one’s portraiture by bringing life to an image with perfectly-focused eyes even if subjects are wearing glasses, looking down or have their face partially hidden. Even when the subject is moving, Sony Eye AF’s high precision autofocus is capable of tracking the eyes and shooting continuously in burst mode, so photographers will never miss a winning shot again.
As the leading image sensor producer, the Eye AF innovation is made possible through Sony’s decades of pioneering advancements in imaging technology including lenses and eye detection software algorithms. Sony’s unmatched processing and superior sensor technology are offered through its mirrorless camera range.

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