Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Challenge accepted: Gabbi Garcia’s new Extra dance video with mega crew ATeam

Gabbi Garcia heats up our screens in the latest Sony Extra Bass Dance Video. In this special collab with the ATeam mega crew, she proves that she can also own the dance floor. Gabbi and the ladies of ATeam are embodiments of girl power in this Funkadelic dance routine that is easy to learn and extra on the dance floor.

“Funkadelic dance style focuses on waves or body flow but still strike definitive lines in between short bursts of movement. We think it best suits Gabbi who exhibits finesse and power at the same time”, Michael Arda, ATeam Head Choreographer shared.

With the Sony Extra Bass dance challenge, Gabbi hopes to inspire young people to be bold in pursuing their passion for dance and to always try something new. She even invites her fans to post their own videos, too.

There’s no doubt that the fans will do so because Gabbi and ATeam’s energy in the video is contagious. To help improve their craft in dancing, they both rely on the Sony Extra Bass’ line of audio products. For rehearsing in big venues without an outlet in sight, there’s GTK-XB60. It’s wireless, rechargeable, and conveniently portable that you can bring it anywhere. If you’re dancing with just a few of your crew around, you can get the SRS-XB31 speaker. It may be small and compact, but it still gives you nothing short of powerful bass. For your alone time rehearsing your choreography, the MDR-XB650BT headphones give you the freedom to move swiftly and effortlessly.

Take Gabbi and the ATeam’s cue - it’s time to make the most out of your dance rehearsals with Sony Extra Bass products.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, check out Sony Philippines’ Facebook page or click on the link below. As an extra special offer, Sony uploaded a dance tutorial as well! Check the link now and dance to the beat! Feel the passion and feel the bass with Gabbi, the ATeam and Sony Extra Bass.

Here’s the link:

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