Friday, March 22, 2019

Fitbit Comes With An Entry-Level Tracker Of 70 Euros

It is almost spring, and therefore the time to announce new wearables. For example, Fitbit is expanding its range with 4 new, affordable models, including a lighter brother of the Versa. To know more about Fitbit, click here.
The market for wearables is a real growth market. According to a study by IDC, 189 million wearables will be shipped worldwide in 2022 - considerably more than last year's 125 million. The growth is mainly in smartwatches, but trackers are also doing well. It is therefore not surprising that Fitbit immediately comes with 4 new models. First of all, there is the Versa Lite Edition (159.95 euros). This smartwatch, which you can operate with one button, is a smartwatch for daily use with all kinds of fitness and intelligence functions. Think of automatic activity registration, heart rate measurement, sleep registration, an oxygen saturation sensor (with which you should be able to signal sleep apnea), Connected GPS and more than 15 training sessions. The battery should last for more than four days. Handy: it is waterproof up to 50 meters deep.
For tracker noobs
Then there is the Fitbit Inspire HD (99.95 euros), which combines automatic movement, training and sleep phase registration with more than 15 training sessions and breathing guidance. There is also an Inspire without HD (69.95 euros). According to Fitbit, this is a user-friendly tracker intended for people who have no experience with wearables. The Inspire offers (already known) functions such as automatic movement, training and sleep registration, badges for achieving goals, Reminders to Move, and timer and stopwatch apps. On paper, that does indeed sound like a nice entry-level tracker for people who want to do something (more) about their health and fitness. Whether that is true? We have now requested a review copy and our least sporting editor will take on the challenge ...
For children
The latest new wearable that Fitbit has announced is the Ace 2, especially for children from 6 years. It has a bumper, is waterproof up to 50 meters deep and provides the kids with assignments to keep moving. Parents can create a special Fitbit Family account so that they can continue to monitor the activities of their children.

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