Monday, July 22, 2019

Ways Technology is Changing our Lives

Since the turn of the century, internet use and the advent of Wi-Fi has shaped and changed our lives, both in the Philippines and around the world. An article by Time states that over two billion people worldwide are currently participating in online hobbies, making mainstream Internet use one of the most transformational changes that impacts people's social, cultural, and political experiences.
Of course, in the Philippines, plenty of day-to-day activities have also been vastly changed as more and more people continue to use the internet as a part of their lives. Here are some ways the average Filipino experiences the changes created by the Digital age.
Social media

The Inquirer reports that as of 2019 the Philippines tops the rest of the world on the average amount of hours spent online on social media, whether on a smartphone or on a laptop or a computer. Nowadays, we live out our daily routines being able to communicate with friends, family, acquaintances, work colleagues, or whoever it may be at just the touch of our fingertips, and with a variety of messaging apps and social media platforms.
Traveling accessibility

There are now also a lot of apps available to make booking your vacations easier. Apart from the information available on the web about your dream destinations, Rappler notes that a huge chunk of the changes on the global market for traveling are because of the accessibility of purchasing airline tickets, tour packages, accommodations, and the like through a simple click on your laptop or a tap on your smartphone. Because of this, it is now relatively easier for us to make our travel dreams a reality, since planning your next getaway can happen in the comfort of your own home, office, or wherever where you may have some downtime.

Online shopping

For most of us, the boom of online shopping is perhaps something that rose out of convenience. With plenty of online shopping apps available with user-friendly interfaces, its no question why the majority of  Filipinos turn to ordering something online. Whether it's groceries, clothing items, bags, toiletries, or anything under the sun, most Filipinos would find that having the option to purchase something and have it delivered to your doorstep to be more convenient than having to brave through traffic. In fact,
E-sports and mobile gaming

Another booming trend right now is in-game purchases made in mobile or computer games. Mobile gaming has provided many Filipinos with access to a source of entertainment and stress relief. Additionally, with various gaming consoles being available to Filipinos, esports have also had continuous growth over the years. If you’re currently looking to take esports more seriously as a hobby, then it’s important you do you research. An article from Daydreaming in Paradise on e-sports in the Philippines, gives you the background that you need to understand the current state of the industry not only in the country, but also the rest of Asia. Whether it's a stress-relieving hobby or something you are serious about, rest assured, there are tons of choices of e-sports and mobile games for you to try out.
For more information on e-sports and related events in the country, check out the Lifestyle tag on Tekkie Pinas’s blog.

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