Tuesday, June 9, 2020

PandaNation Feeds the Rider Heroes!

In an effort to show their appreciation for their riders, foodpanda launched PandaNation as an initiative to make their constituents feel extra special amidst the ongoing pandemic. 

Ever since April of this year, foodpanda was able to feed a total of 1,235 riders with the help of 41 partner restaurants nationwide. Vendors offered their support to PandaNation in the form of meal packs and beverages. 

Several sponsors also stepped up to donate Personal Protective Equipment such as face masks, face shields, and rubbing alcohol to the riders they considered as front liners of the new normal. At the end of each PandaNation event, riders went home with a feeling of appreciation, which according to Jao Manahan, the Community & Communications Leader of foodpanda was PandaNation’s goal all along. 

He says, “Seeing the smiles and appreciation posts on social media from our riders melts my heart. It was the success indicator of this campaign. It was successful because of the hard work of our team, and the integration of our willing vendors. Without these machines, these smiles wouldn’t have been made possible”. 

In addition to this statement, Ria Salanguit, the Cluster Head of Luzon in foodpanda also says, “Our hardworking foodpanda riders, rain or shine, have always been key to the overall success of the company. 

With the new normal in place, I know this will create more opportunities and pave the way for granting more jobs to potential rider partners. This just makes me even happier because I know we have more reasons for giving back to others.” 

With the success of this event, foodpanda aims to continue creating programs that will bring more smiles to the faces of their rider heroes.

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