Friday, August 20, 2021

Globe Postpaid customers empowered to control browsing experience with free SurfAlert service

Globe postpaid customers can now control their data usage to ensure worry-free surfing and prevent unexpected browsing charges using the new SurfAlert service.  This addresses a current customer pain point as mobile data has become a necessity for online transactions and activities.

With the service going live last August 6, SurfAlert is now activated for all Globe postpaid customers, allowing them to fully manage their data charges. This service is given FREE to postpaid customers. In terms of experience, customers will get a notification once their monthly data plan allowance is used up so they can decide whether to stop browsing or to avail of data add-ons.  This puts back in customers' hands the power to decide on their data experience and how much to spend, especially relevant during this pandemic.

SurfAlert feature is a permanent service for postpaid customers, protecting them from unexpected browsing and charges.


Globe is optimistic that turning on the SurfAlert feature will help Postpaid customers manage the charges to their monthly plan. While many Filipinos are spending more time online to work, learn, play, be entertained, among other things, they are also mindful of extra charges during these challenging times.


“Many customers may be unaware that their plan’s data allowance is used up, so they continue to browse and rack up extra data charges. SurfAlert gives customers more power of choice over their data usage and, accordingly, their digital lifestyle. This is just one of the many innovative services that we are rolling out proactively to help customers succeed in the new normal,” said Darius Delgado, Head of Consumer Mobile.


SurfAlert can detect if sites can be browsed for free. If opening a page incurs data charges, it puts browsing on hold and alerts the user.


SurfAlert can also detect background activity from phone apps that automatically connect online. If the subscriber’s monthly plan allowance has been used up, SurfAlert temporarily stops the connection and notifies the subscriber to register to a data promo to stay connected online.


Data add-ons are now made more affordable with SURF4ALL249 packed with 20GB of data valid for seven days, GoBOOST199 with 5GB of data for 30 days, and GoBOOST99 with 1GB of data for 30 days. Learn more about these promos by downloading the GlobeOne app available for Android devices from Google Play and iOS devices from App Store:


Globe strongly supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, specifically UN SDG No. 9, which aims to build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and foster innovation. The company is committed to upholding the United Nations Global Compact principles and 10 UN SDGs.


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