Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Heighten the feel of your indoor home parties with the Sony XP700 Portable Wireless Speaker!

Nowadays, parties have transitioned mainly because of the stay-at-home mandates; from the crowded bars previously, intimate indoor home parties have taken over the trend.

But with this, two things don’t change – sound and fun – because with Sony’s newest SRS-XP700 Portable Wireless Speaker, you will get a big sound that will fill your venue and delight your guests, so you can LIVE LIFE LOUD.

The XP700 boasts an Omnidirectional Party Sound powered by the innovative X-Balanced Speakers and three High-efficiency Tweeters (two at the front and one at the back) delivering a punchy and deep bass with plenty of clarity, so you can feel all the beats of any music you’re playing.

Whenever you and your immediate friends are partying in the balcony or playing around with drinks, you don’t have to worry when it started raining or when you spilled drinks on the speaker because it has an IPX4 water-resistant rating so you can continue the fun and the speaker remains dry.

It is also built with a comfortable handle so everybody can easily carry it around and bring the fun and party everywhere!

If your squad is also a karaoke lover, sing your hearts out using the XP700 where you can easily plug in your microphone, pick a song, and you’re good to go. The speaker can also be used as an amp when you plug in your guitar chord if you’re down for a jamming session instead.

This newest Sony portable wireless speaker will also light up your parties, quite literally.  It has brand-new ambient lighting that also allows you to select a variety of different lighting patterns that can bring pulsating energy to parties and soothing somber shades to a quiet night in.

Sony’s XP700 ensures to heighten the feel of your indoor parties from start to finish. It features a longer battery life of up to 25 hours when fully charged and is also quick charging if you find yourself a little short of time before your party.

Treat yourself with premium speakers and LIVE LIFE LOUD! Get the Sony SRS-XP700 for only P21,999 in all Sony Centres or Sony Authorized Dealers nationwide! Click here to locate stores near you or you may also opt to check out our official Sony stores in Lazada and Shopee

For full product information, visit: https://www.sony.com.ph/electronics/wireless-speakers/srs-xp700

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