Monday, October 18, 2021

Brooke’s Point, Palawan leapfrogs on improved connectivity experience with PLDT

(Brooke’s Point, Palawan - October  2021) Brooke’s Point Mayor Georjalyn Joy Quiachon highlighted the importance of a reliable internet connection to the municipality of Brooke’s Point, Palawan as a first-class and fast-growing town with a robust agri-tourism industry as PLDT, through its B2B arm PLDT Enterprise, deployed its BEYOND FIBER solution.

The initiative is testament to PLDT’s commitment to support local government units in adapting to the new normal for the delivery of public service, governance, and extending services to their respective constituents.

“Amid our rapidly changing environment, I couldn’t stress enough the importance of staying connected to manage the negative impacts of the pandemic effectively. We thank PLDT Enterprise for offering their assistance in our bid to cope in these trying times,” Quiachon said.

PLDT Enterprise Head for SMBiz Regional Luzon Euan Rex Toralballa said that the Municipality of Brooke’s Point is part of PLDT’s new fiber-optic expansion in the Southern Part of Palawan.

“With our ongoing fiber-optic expansion, PLDT seeks to provide strong and reliable connectivity to far-flung areas to support the day-to-day activities of residents in various communities. With the BEYOND FIBER solution, we could help them overcome the challenges in connectivity and enable a seamless digital experience,” said Toralballa.

He also added that PLDT Enterprise’s BEYOND FIBER is the best-suited service for Brooke’s Point local government. It is an all-in-one solution anchored on business-grade fiber, capable of sustaining the online operations of offices, branches, and small-scale businesses.

It features the 90-90 advantage which provides organizations a minimum bandwidth speed at 90 percent of the subscribed speed at 90 percent reliability—providing a more reliable online experience, while easing the fear of downtime during peak work hours.

“The Municipal Government of Brooke’s Point will now experience a fixed-fiber optic internet service. This is for the daily administrative activities and services for their constituents,” Toralballa added.

PLDT Enterprise Vice President for Small and MicroBiz Chito Franco said that PLDT is committed to extending solutions and services to local and municipal governments to efficiently deliver COVID-19 relief.

“As the country’s leading telecommunications provider, it is our mandate to assist local and municipal governments as they realize their vision and goals for their communities. We are dedicated to helping them through technologies which could fully equip them as they cope with this ongoing crisis,” said Franco.

As a primarily agro-industrial municipality with vast productive farmlands, the local government of Brooke’s Point is investing heavily in its potential to flourish in agri-tourism.

Its strategic location and development as an open port hopes to attract the influx of tourists from the Brunei-Darussalam-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA) region, aside from its potential to spur exportation of agricultural products from the area due to it being now part of the nautical highway.

The improved connectivity would not only benefit its citizens but also the local government to fast-track and upgrade services as they hope to close the gap for the people in far-flung areas.

“We welcome innovative ideas and adapt in the fast-changing environment as new technology is introduced… For us, there’s no way but up – always looking forward as we drive the municipality of Brooke’s Point to a better future with intelligent and healthy citizenry,” Mayor Quiachon said.

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