Thursday, January 20, 2022

First Ever Lenovo Experience Store Opens in Cyberzone, SM Megamall

20 January 2021 - As a global technology leader of Intelligent Transformation, Lenovo delivers smarter technologies that improve the way we live, work, play, and connect. To enhance consumers’ purchasing experience, the first-ever Lenovo Experience Store was opened in Cyberzone, SM Megamall B on December 18 2021, operated by Gigahertz. Customers can now experience the complete lineup of Lenovo’s ecosystem firsthand, from products to solutions. Promotions are also offered to commemorate the opening of the store.

The experience store will be a platform for Lenovo to build meaningful relationships with its customers and provide them with new and engaging ways to experience the brand. Dedicated product showcase areas are set up in the store for customers to easily identify products by the series names



Renowned for relentless innovation, trusted quality, and purposeful design, the ThinkPad portfolio guarantees consumers flexible processor options, discrete graphics, and improved displays. ThinkPad systems are engineered for durability and strikes a balance between power and portability, offering customers various choices to choose the most appropriate configuration for their needs. Sporting a minimalist design suited for any kind of business, the ThinkPad portfolio continuously evolves to break the mold and make a greater impact.




Yoga’s attention to detail guarantees surprises and delights its customers. Combing exceptional portability with high performance, Lenovo Yoga is designed with intelligent features that expand the boundaries of conventional PCs. Laptops are designed with delicate and intrinsic details, from the laser-etched emblem, down to the curvature of the machine. Laptops such as Yoga Slim 7 Carbon and Yoga 9i are perfect for always-on-the-go-business leaders, entrepreneurs and millennials who want a device that easily meets lifestyle needs.




Aimed at meeting gamers’ demands for both work and play, Lenovo Legion strives to produce the most powerful machines that are also high in versatility. By continuously listening to the gaming community’s feedback, Legion identifies the key trends and takes action to create a new generation of gaming laptops that fulfills the consumer’s ever-evolving demands. Gamers get to experience better keyboard design, smarter thermals, enhanced display, improved blend of hardware and software, excellent gaming performance and so much more with machines like the Legion 5i Pro and Legion 5.




Embracing form, function, style, and fun, each IdeaPad delivers the responsive performance you can count on. Devices such as the IdeaPad Slim 5 and IdeaPad Slim 5i Pro are crafted with the user experience in mind in every aspect of the product design and technology to improve how consumers can seamlessly use the products to enrich their life.




Indispensable for both work and play, Lenovo provides tablets that can deliver endless ways to enjoy entertainment and get more done at home and on the go. Lenovo Tablets are ultralight and yet packed with OLED displays, immersive sound, long-lasting battery and are pairable with digital pens and detachable keyboards. Tablets such as the Tab P11 Pro and the Yoga Tab 11 provide top-tier features and ensures high productivity, perfect for on-the-go customers.




Lenovo is committed to delivering a simple, flexible way to make your home smarter and your life easier. Lenovo’s Smart Home Essentials are your one-stop shop to a smarter home and are designed to be innovative, interconnected, and stylish to make life easier. The devices can be easily controlled and monitored through smartphones like the Lenovo T1s Pro Robot Vacuum and many more.


Apart from the products, Lenovo also provide end-to-end solutions for enterprises to drive digital transformation. Lenovo Smart Lockers solution, for example, is demonstrated in the Lenovo Experience Store. Instead of your normal locker, the Smart Lockers can house common items that employees can loan. This addresses points for businesses with high number of requests to their IT while at the same time promoting a shared economy mindset amongst employees. Lenovo Smart Lockers supports various services such as office supplies distribution, digital mailroom, personal item storage, and repair services with downloadable reports, configurable system settings, and email notifications.


To celebrate the opening of the Lenovo Experience Store, the first 100 customers who purchase Lenovo V15 ADA, a powerful laptop for everyday business at PHP28,999.00, will get a free Lenovo 100 MONO USB Headset. Also, a free USB-C Travel hub will be gifted to the first 30 customers of ThinkPad P14s Gen 2, Lenovo’s lightest mobile workstation at PHP82,900.00.


Head on over to The Lenovo Experience store and check out your favorite devices in person at Cyberzone, SM Megamall B. 

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