Monday, May 23, 2022

It’s time to be money smart: budgeting made easy with Komo!

Have you been making plans for that trip abroad once it’s safe again to travel? Or perhaps you were checking out the latest iPhone online? Are you dreaming of a bigger home, a new car, or an educational fund for your kids?

To hit our goals, we need to save for them. Before we get started, we need to ask some important questions, starting with how much does what we want really cost? Then we need to determine our timings -- do I need to have this now? How much time do I have to save for it? The last question may be the most vital of all: Can I really save money to get this?

Embarking on a financial objective, whether big or small, not only means having a target but ensuring that your goal is realistic. By monitoring your spending as well as your earnings, you can determine and ensure you are able to reach your goals.

Komo’s Personal Finance feature is a great tool for being money smart, enabling you to build better habits and gain total control over your money that will ultimately help you achieve your financial goals. With Personal Finance, you can visualize your savings goals and budgets to help you see your progress concretely. Komo also makes it very convenient to do all your tracking and monitoring -- just click on the app. What makes it even better is that with Komo, you can earn 2.5% annual interest on top of your savings to help you reach your goals faster!

The Personal Finance feature allows you to set and control your Goals and Budget. Goals let you see what you’re saving for and how much you need to reach your target in time. To create a goal using Personal Finance, follow these simple steps:

1. Choose your purpose (What are you saving for?)

2. Customize the details. (Set a name, target amount, and deadline)

3. Input the initial amount from your Balance.

4. Goal created successfully!

On the other hand, Budget gives you insights into your expenses to help you assess what needs to adjust to hit your goals. You can put different budget lists here instead of writing them somewhere else. To create a budget, follow these easy steps:

1. Choose your purpose (What is your budget for?)

2. Customize the details. (Name your budget and set a monthly limit.)

3. Add existing Transactions under a Budget and mark them once completed.

4. Budget created successfully!

You can find your Goals and Budget details in the Personal Finance Dashboard. You can even update them whenever you want.

It’s easy to set saving goals and watch over your spending using the Komo app. Tap on the link to download it now for FREE to enjoy Personal Finance and more! With Komo, Kontrol Mo ang Pera Mo!

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